Virender Sehwag

Sehwag: a modern cricketing marvel

Brilliant, powerful, destructive, delicate, easy and humble. These are all words that can describe the modern day ‘master blaster’, India’s top of the order marvel and quite simply one of the best batsman on the planet at the moment. Watching Sehwag bat is an exercise (particularly if he is playing England) in nervousness and worry for the poor bowler. Rarely can a man have made it look so easy and have so much time to play his shots.

Picked for the second year running as being the worlds leading cricketer by Wisden due to the fact that at the time of the award his already remarkable statistics of 631 runs at 70.11, had come at a strike rate of over a run a ball, it is quite honestly an astonishing achievement. These runs were scored against quality attacks and include and astonishing 293 off only 254 balls against Sri Lanka.

Seeing Sehwags name up in the lights once more, reinforces our feelings of sorrow that India’s focus is on the shorter forms of the games these days, as we for one would pay gladly to see Sehwag bat more in test cricket. His overall career record is doubly amazing as his runs come at a strike rate of over 80 per 100 balls, approximately 20 runs quicker than even other master blasters like Chris Gayle. To score this quickly and to average over 50 as well…… Simply extraordinary.

The only chink in Sehwag’s statistical armour is his record against England and New Zealand. Probably it is a combination of his style and the moving ball in these countries meaning it is more difficult to hit early and to be rated in the same class as the original master blaster,Viv Richards, this needs to improve. It is worth noting however that he has hardly scored a run against Bangladesh in several test matches. Clearly the challenge is not enough to stir the great man.


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