Jonny, the Greatest Living Englishman

This page is dedicated to honouring the Greatest Living Englishman.

That man is of course Jonny Wilkinson.

Some of you naysayers may quibble with talk of long term injuries, poor Autumn International series, slightly dodgy kicking out of hand, Freddie Flintoff and other such distractions. However if you look deep inside your heart you will know the truth.

This is a man who has won Grand Slams and World Cups, other awards debatable in their worth such as Sports Personality of the Year and generally looks and plays not unlike a Greek God might.

He may not be Jonny 2003 model but he is still the Greatest Living Englishman and so to you, sir: We salute you!


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12 01 2010
George Buck

The first fly half in the game to simply knock large players back! Technically in defense you cannot find a better player.
A simply outstanding place kicker.
One of the most dedicated sportsman in world rugby.
Not only on the field but off the field he is a fantastic role model for youngsters.
Agreed with comments about him presently not being the same as ‘Jonny 2003’, but in his prime he offered a great deal in attack – quick footwork (due to his jealousy over Jason Robinson’s), highly accurate passing and his ability to read the game.
Such a sad state of affairs that he was plagued with injury. What a man though… look how much he offered world rugby. To put the icing on the cake he was an utter fee payer not a gribbler! I LOVE YOU JONNY!

12 01 2010
George Buck

Just realised that I am talking in the past tense! He is still alive (thank god). He still has much to offer. 10 lashes for me!! Sorry Jonny.

12 01 2010

Long live Jonny!

15 01 2010

When he was 11, he challenged the (adult) first team captain (and placekicker) to a kicking contest. They took 3 from the left, 3 from the centre and 3 from the right. Jonny won 9-5.
Ever the sportsman, Jonny then offered a rematch, this time using their left foot. The captain replied he couldn’t kick with his left foot.
Jonny is, of course, left footed.
But this didn’t stop him winning the world cup for England with a right footed drop goal, 13 years later.
It is also interesting to note that Jonny was born in Frimley Park Hospital, the very same location as a certain Giordballs.

15 01 2010

good story, clearly Frimley Park is a place where legends are born!

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