ICC In Hopeless Decision Shock!

5 04 2011

After what, in our opinion, has comfortably been the best cricket world cup for some time – anyone doubting that think back to the dreary nature of the last two or three – the ICC has unbelievably ratified the decision to make the 2015 World Cup a glorified Champions Trophy and only allow 10 teams entry to the competition. Not only have they limited it to ten teams but the ICC have also refused to allow any of the Associate nations even a chance to qualify giving the test playing nations automatic entry.

A more self serving and hopeless decision by the ICC’s full members with the future of cricket in mind there can rarely have been.

For more go to Cricinfo or here to see an Irish reaction to the news. Ireland of course can feel particularly hard done by with their performance over the last two tournaments being outstanding and competitive. It is debateable that Zimbabwe for example and possibly even Bangladesh, who by virtue of this decision both get in as a full members, would beat Ireland in a series of cricket in any format.

Obviously it is also not just the Irish who are going to suffer here but also previous semi finalists in Kenya not to mention the other sides like the Dutch who have also fought well recently. This of course isn’t even mentioning the Afghanistan’s of this world whose progress no one knows where it might stop.

Judging by the reaction in the media as well as in forums and comment sections the ICC have got this wrong. Jrod from Cricket With Balls has started a campaign to let the ICC know how everyone feels about this so please go to his article and follow the links he gives on how to do this. As he rightly mentions, it is unlikely that anything will come of it, the ICC being as inflexible and hopeless and organisation as ever there was, but if you love cricket and want to see it spread, develop and grow – it seems right to let them know.




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5 04 2011

Yep, a ridiculously anti-cricket decision.
I read an excellent article recently, by Aggers I think, who stressed the importance of the continued involvement of the associate nations.
Whilst he said that the current long format was not ideal with the long lack of involvement between games leading to a degree of disinterest outside of the sub-continent, he proposed far more reasonable ways of condensing it than this step. Having the matches involving the associate nations in the morning before a more high-profile match in the afternoon seems eminently manageable and far more sensible than dispensing with the associate countries altogether?

5 04 2011

Agreed. Also read the same article. Not the first time I’ve written about it and probably won’t be the last either!

5 04 2011

Stunned! The recent World Cup had some great matches, helped in no small part by the likes of Ireland, Holland, Canada and Kenya. How can it be called a World Cup if only 10 teams are allowed partake anyway? If the ICC want to promote the game then they must encourage other nations to participate even by way of a qualifying series. The full members need to help reverse this crazy decision.

5 04 2011

John, I think you’ll find it’s the full members who rubber-stamped this. The ICC is a collective after all.

7 04 2011

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