World Cup Thoughts

23 03 2011

So finally, the business end of this Cricket World Cup. The quarter final’s start today with and intriguing encounter between the West Indies and Pakistan but, before that, we thought we’d put together a few thoughts on what has gone before…

Team of the Tournament (So Far…)

This, unlike the last World Cup which seemed to drag on forever before it got to the latter stages, has had a fair bit going for it with a number of teams making it interesting.

We enjoyed the Netherlands’ early form running England close and despite a couple of small bumps not embarrassing themselves. New Zealand have had their moments too whilst Ireland of course have been most peoples favourite team so far in this tournament – if only for beating England! Ireland will be ruing their inability to put Bangladesh away in their opening game and at no stages were ridiculously outclassed whilst providing excitement all the way.

However, the team of the tournament so far – and the one we suspect has done most to keep this tournament alive rather than from an exhibition of skill perspective – is England. Probably used up most of their lives have so far shown a pleasing ability to win when it matters – something that bodes well for the knock out rounds.

Player of the Tournament (So Far)

Several contenders for this one, although in our eyes there is only one candidate who really deserves it. We have seen fantastic hundreds from several players including Strauss, Tendulkar, Sehwag, the unforgettable Kevin O’Brien knock, controlled innings from Sangakarra and sheer consistency from Trott – not to mention several others.

On the bowling front Zaheer, Afridi and Swann have all excelled at different times yet it is a batsman that wins this award.

Ross Taylor of New Zealand has been breathtaking in some of his hitting and wins this award because perhaps he is finally going to fulfil that obvious talent of his. Keep it up Ross as we would love to see the Kiwi’s  meet England in the semi’s.

Predictions For The Rest…

A fools game but one we are consistently drawn to.

Pakistan to beat the West Indies, Australia to beat India, South Africa to beat New Zealand and England to beat Sri Lanka. Could easily go the other way though which is the beauty of a World Cup with no clear favourites…

Obviously we’re supporting England, but if they don’t win we’ll be cheering for the Windies and the Kiwis.




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