Brilliant Ireland!

3 03 2011


Whatever happened there?! Sadly (or perhaps fortunately) we were unable to watch either innings of this obviously quite wonderful game due to commitments to our day job, yet it obviously deserves some sort of comment.

About a third of the way through Ireland’s innings, we had a quick look at Cricinfo to find that Ireland were 120-5. Game over we thought. To be entirely truthful, we had thought it was England’s game during their innings when in about the fortieth over England were 230 odd for 2. Associate nations, despite yesterday’s result, usually only best the established senior sides such as England in low scoring matches as the gulf in batting quality is usually too great.

Yesterday though, on a flat Indian track and with a chap playing the sort of innings that only ever comes off once or twice in a career, Ireland proved that it can hurt to underestimate the strength of associate cricket. By all accounts England’s bowling was pretty clueless, evidence of which came with Darren Gough fuming publicly on Twitter that (and I paraphrase) he would have to come out of retirement to teach the current crop of England seamers to bowl yorkers.

Whatever the problems with England’s performance, and, as with the game against the Dutch, you cannot take any of the credit away from Irish. Their bowling by all accounts was solid if not spectacular and quite frankly, if a bloke scores a hundred off fifty odd balls then he deserves to finish on the winning side. Given this performance you could expect that Kevin O’Brien could expect some interest from IPL sides in the very near future…

We have written about the folly of not including Associate nations in the next cricket world cup before and so we won’t bore you with it again. Suffice to say that this goes to show that Ireland fully deserve a place at the top table and that, given some assistance, could become a genuine cricketing nation. The ICC needs to invest in these countries more than they already do by not only awarding financial assistance, but also by providing the Kenya’s, Ireland’s, Afghanistan’s and Holland’s of this world with more regular top level opposition. Only by doing this can cricket truly said to be spreading, growing and becoming more of a genuine world game.

It could be argued that England are doing their bit on this front. Almost losing to the Netherlands, losing to Ireland… Somehow we don’t think this is the case though…

So well played Ireland, England – you have some thinking to do (perhaps start with the bowling is our advice) – and we are pleased to say we are now fully involved in this World Cup.






2 responses

3 03 2011

I managed to catch most of the Ireland innings, they were brilliant. O’Brien’s innings was an absolute corker, never seen such brutal hitting and he was so well supported. Well done to them.

Said it before on here, but never thought England would win this WC, and taking nothing away from Ireland with this comment; the England boys look knackered, its not a surprise, but they seem jaded and not really into it.

3 03 2011

The beauty of sport: Irish eyes smiling

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