How Saudi Arabians Play Cricket…

15 02 2011

Firstly we must apologise for our radio silence over the past few days – occasionally the demands of our day job takes over – but we have got something that we felt worth showing you all. We have been travelling around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on business negotiating ridiculously slow internet connections, a total disinterest in cricket, no six nations rugby and some interesting interpretations of human rights…

Yet we were heartened to come across the scan below in the Arab News, one of the only English language dailies available, alongside a world cup preview a couple of days ago. It appears there is hope after all! (We apologise for chopping the bottom of the scan off – we were rushed for time…)


A more comprehensive and quicker summary you are unlikely to find anywhere I think… Even the mysterious LBW law explained in concise terms…

There was even a bit at the bottom about the strokes batsman might employ and the different bowling grips – the tops of which you can just see.

The bit we liked most however was the lack of a ‘Cow Corner’ in the fielding positions listed. Clearly it is either that the Saudi’s are such cultured players the cross bat slog is an abhorrent thought or the diagram has been pulled from an MCC coaching manual from the 1950’s. Probably the latter we would have thought…

As someone familiar with watching countless games of car park cricket played by the sub continental expats who inhabit this part of the world – we feel we should let them know that if someone did set a field without that crucial position – you would soon find yourself chasing roughly 15 an over…




One response

17 06 2011

I’ve always felt the Saudis are the most civilized people on earth – they don’t let women drive. Such a simple solution to the worst traffic problem known to man.

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