Luke Wright’s Goosebumps

9 02 2011

Clearly not 25...

Final proof, if indeed it was actually needed, that the eternally tousle headed and youthful Luke Wright is not in fact 25 years old as Cricinfo states, but, as many have suspected, is clearly only just approaching puberty.

In an article published on the aforementioned doyen of cricketing sites today, where a cricketer from each of the competing world cup nations has been asked which is his favourite book, Luke Wright has pulled a surprising choice out of the bag.

Some cricketers such as Kenya’s Steve Tikolo have gone for such weighty and cerebral volumes as Nelson Mandela’s autobiography ‘Long Walk to Freedom’; sporting books like Clive Lloyd’s biography, ‘Supercat’ (Sulieman Benn), Andre Agassi’s autobiography ‘Open’ (Virat Kohli and Shane Watson) are popular; with Ireland’s Ed Joyce choosing that 20th Century classic ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

Luke Wright on the other hand has chosen a different direction and one that we feel should ensure he enters the record books as surely the youngest international cricketer ever.

It turns out his favourite books are that celebrated children’s series ‘Goosebumps’ by R.L. Stine aimed for readers aged 8-12. It seems that all the past criticism of his headless batting coupled with praise for his ‘energy’ in the field are simply aspects of his youth and as such we need to give him some leeway…

Perhaps when he feels able to move on to Harry Potter (ages teens to adult), as favoured by Tamim Iqbal, we might see a corresponding rise in his cricketing maturity/ability. Something that many England supporters have been crying out to see for sometime…



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9 02 2011

Rolling on the floor, hilarious bit of writing! Thanks!

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