Trott Shines: Are We Convinced?

26 01 2011

Trott is one of those batsman who the Compulsive Hooker has long had a little bit of a ‘love/hate/love’ relationship with. Love, first, as it was his innings in the Oval test of the 2009 Ashes that allowed England to bat Australia out of game.

Hate* soon followed on the back of some fairly leaden performances in ODI cricket in the Autumn. This feeling intensified when in his first overseas test series he appeared to be a frightened rabbit in Dale Steyn’s admittedly bright headlights; before reaching its nadir (or peak perhaps) in the Pakistan England 20/20 in Dubai early in 2010. During this game he played, undoubtedly, the worst innings we have ever seen in that form of the game and cost England the match.

This ‘hate’ continued throughout the various Bangladesh series, both home and away, before starting to ebb away as his considered style held together a couple of innings against Pakistan in the last English Summer. With his herculean performances in the Ashes this grudging respect turned into full blown admiration for someone who must surely be classed as one of the most reliable batsman to have played for England in a long time. It’s still relatively early days but the signs are good…

That though is as far as test cricket goes. With ODI’s, as far as we are concerned, the jury is still out although if he could repeat the style of his innings today once or twice during the crucial stages of the World Cup, it would go some way to allaying these doubts.

In the third ODI three days ago he scored what could only be called a stodgy 80 odd, which, while it ensured the England total passed two hundred, was notable for the manner in which he failed to kick on and therefore was of slightly dubious value. Like all essentially defensive batsman he has a tendency to get bogged down but today’s effort was perfect; accelerating in partnership with Morgan before finally perishing to one that turned from Hussey.

Clearly he is not the man for a slog and you would probably rather not have him batting, whether he is 100 not out or 20 not out, in the final five to ten overs, yet as a central pillar – providing he shows a certain amount of aggressive intent – he could be exactly what England need.

We feel we are entering our final stage of metamorphosis from being highly disdainful of Trott to fully fledged Trottskyites (if you will!). We just hope that he doesn’t let us down now… Like any love/hate relationship – we can only take so much!

* A word that is definitely too strong – exasperation might be better but in the context of this piece hate will have to do…




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26 01 2011

Yeah, he has definitely always struck me as a reliable plodder well-equipped to anchor an innings – but I too had found his apparent inability to up the run rate, when required, very frustrating. It will be interesting to see how partnerships with Morgan as the attacking foil, develop.

26 01 2011

Mr. GB – welcome back. Haven’t heard from you for a while! Also got a pet hate that Morgan is batting too low at 6…

26 01 2011

Read a great quote during The Ashes, that he is the kind of guy that at a party, nobody knows who he is, he stays in the kitchen all night but you discover in the morning that he had a great night and drank all your beer.

27 01 2011

Haha. That’s very funny!

28 01 2011
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

He’s an interesting dilema. He’s one of those players that sometimes gives you more questions than answers.

For example. What are England’s tactics to be in the power plays if Trott comes in, in the first 5 overs? He dosen’t strike me as the most effective man to take advantage of that.

With regard to your point about upping the pace, maybe he will develope that side of his game.

I also have a view that he might be getting a run in the side based on sub continent wickets. Maybe Flower thinks his style will be more effective in India. To put him in at No.3 as Flower has done, I can’t help but think there is a good reason why.

If England are chasing in a scrathy low scoring game on a slow pitch, then Trott looks a good bet.

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