Of Simon Jones and Marcus Trescothick

25 01 2011

Very interesting piece in the Telegraph today from Steve James putting forward Simon Jones as a viable option for England in the shorter forms of the game.

For those of you surprised to hear his name assuming, fairly enough we might add, that he had slipped forever off the radar, this isn’t as leftfield a call as some may think. Yes he is now 32 and has since those glorious Ashes Summer days of 2005 suffered from a series of subsequent injuries but, in the midst of this, and as he has just done in the Caribbean, he has shown glimpses of what might have been.

As Steve James says, if he is fit and showing his old form, then he would be worthwhile having a look at. We won’t write about this any further and instead suggest you click here and read his piece for yourself.


On the subject of English Ashes heroes and players that both England and us personally have undoubtedly missed over the past five years; we have just finished reading Marcus Trescothick’s excellent and illuminating autobiography ‘Coming Back To Me’. Whilst this is clearly a bit late for a book review (it came out in late 2008) we felt it worth mentioning.

As most sports fans will attest, the average sports autobiography is a dull affair that is often simply a recounting of ‘how I scored a difficult 60 and had trouble adjusting to the swing that Waqar was getting’… Hardly illuminating or ground breaking stuff. Trescothick’s on the other hand could not be more fascinating or obviously honest in its content and, considering the trials he has endured, this is extraordinarily praiseworthy.

Reading it also made us think how much he has been missed by England over the past few years with only the current incarnation having a strong claim to not have a need for a player of his calibre – and even now he would undoubtedly be a major asset in the upcoming world cup.

For now though, we simply wish him well and hope that he continues scoring runs for Somerset and enjoying life.



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