Murray To Go All The Way?

24 01 2011

Could this be the tournament where Murray finally breaks through and wins a Grand Slam? Certainly he is playing tennis at a level where anything seems possible although, as per normal, the usual suspects stand in his way.

Nadal and Federer, to make no mention of the other Open winner in the shape of Djokovic, are all still in the draw and will surely not make life easy for Murray. However, if Murray is to justify his many supporters claims to an exalted position amongst the modern tennis players he needs to start winning these big tournaments and surely there will be no better time than this.

The Compulsive Hooker has long had a complex relationship with the Scot, mostly supporting him but at other times finding his often slightly childish rages and sulking off putting enough (along with his occasionally strident anti English feeling) to not really care how he goes. If we are fair, and usually we try to be, it is clear that Murray has matured and learnt to control himself in a fashion that endears him more to us. As far as the ‘anyone but England’ school of thought – well that unfortunately is the lot of the English and is only a minor thing.

Mind you, we know that some people prefer the mood swings of Murray as opposed to the calm and gentlemanly conduct of Tim Henman for example. With Henman you always wondered whether he had the necessary drive to win the big tournaments – something that sadly was born out by a lack of Grand Slams in an otherwise perfectly respectable career – whereas with Murray this drive is more obvious and will hopefully, before too long, translate into Grand Slam titles.





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