IPL Madness: A Few Thoughts

10 01 2011

With the cricket itself not holding an excess of allure to us until the latter stages, probably the most interesting thing about the IPL is the bidding process and waiting to see who signs who and for how much. This year, being the start of another cycle and with all teams starting more or less from scratch, it was always likely to throw up some interesting picks.

Notable amongst the eyebrow raising decisions have been the eagerness with which the IPL teams have picked up numerous lesser known Australian players (including four wicket keepers) despite a clear argument for Aussie cricket being down in the dumps – probably we feel as a result of a plethora of Australian coaches – but also as a result of some ridiculously blatant nepotism in the case of Mitchell Marsh. Practically unknown outside Australia, he is obviously highly thought of by his Dad, Geoff Marsh, who also happens to be Head Coach, and was bought for $290,000. This, just to put it in perspective, is more than established and former international stars Dwayne Bravo, Jesse Ryder, Steven Smith and Scott Styris to name but a few.

Staying within the Australian hegemony, it was also fascinating to note the enormous amount of money paid for journeyman Dan Christian ($900,000) – Deccan Chargers will be pleased to hear he picked up figures of 6.3 overs 0-66 against England today. Johan Botha ($950,000) also hit the jackpot but could hardly claim to be a big ticket player despite his status as SA 20/20 captain. Several lesser known Indian players have also benefited in some slightly strange and overly generous bids.

Amongst the bargain bucket signings was Dwayne Bravo ($200,000), Michael Hussey ($425,000) and possibly in our view the best of the lot (although we are perhaps biased) Eoin Morgan for $350,000.

Morgan was one of only a few England players picked which was a shame to see although we fully appreciate the reasons why. We are surprised in particular that Graeme Swann was not snapped up – surely he is someone who fits the bill as an entertaining yet quality player which we thought was what the IPL was all about!

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7 responses

10 01 2011

Swann appears entertaining only to the entertainment starved English fans.. I dnt think any team wanted a non sub-continental spinner unless their name was “Dan Vettori”

10 01 2011

or Nathan McCullum!

I don’t think theres any doubt Swann’s entertaining – although i take your point about the sub continental spinners. Think they’re missing out though as he’s as good if not better than any other spinner around and his batting is always exciting.

10 01 2011

Swann as good as if not better than subcontinental spinners…..hahahahahahahehheheheeeeheeeheeheeheeheehehohohohohohohohohahahahahahaha……..oh, wait, you were being serious.

11 01 2011

Name me one?! Harbhajan’s not bad but other than him… Murali’s essentially retired and has been limited for a while… no one else!

Swann is rated 2 in the world though for all bowlers so the stats back me up!

11 01 2011
11 01 2011

Think you bowled the topspinner on that one Bradders: clean bowled!

Well played Sir

11 01 2011

IS it just me? Because I just don’t get excited by twenty20.

IPL just seems to me to be the footballisation of cricket, and I am not a fan of that.

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