An Apology To Tim Bresnan

28 12 2010

Well bowled England and in particular, well bowled Tim Bresnan. Regular readers will know that over the last year we have not been particularly complimentary about the big northern lad, denoting him as a big hearted but ultimately limited trier – someone who is perhaps just below the standards required as an international class wicket taking fast bowler.

After his excellent bowling in this test match we feel that we owe him an apology as he is certainly better than we gave him credit for. Consistent in his line and length and impressively quick, Bresnan has been crucial in this test match and it was his ability to gain crucial breakthroughs that have ensured only a downpour of monsoon proportions can save Australia now.

Much has been mentioned over the last few days about England’s ability to rotate bowlers – something that we feel whilst being in theory true, is also absolute rubbish. Finn, despite being the leading wicket taker in the series before this test match, has leaked runs at more than four an over meaning that the control built up by Anderson et al was lost every time the Middlesex man took the ball. Despite his wickets he was dropped, no two ways about it, and Bresnan brought in to reassert the desired level of control. Resting implies that Finn will be returned to the side in Sydney at the expense of one of the others, yet with Bresnan’s performance this is almost certain not to happen.

What these pundits should be saying to satisfy our pedantic nature, ¬†something which in itself is a supposition we are very pleased to see, is that England undoubtedly have some serious depth in their bowling at the moment. It is indeed a distinct possibility that if the top four bowlers were unfit (currently Anderson, Tremlett, Broad and Swann), the second string line up of Finn, Bresnan, Shahzad and Panesar could still out bowl the Australian first choice attack. The difficulty in this argument is likely to be simply working out who the first choice Aussie attack might be rather than debating their merits against the England second string…

Having your assertions and opinions proved wrong by a player is usually a frustrating thing as it is a comparatively rare thing for a player to improve upon your intial judgement. Most often a player will start well, inflate your expectations, only to have all your hopes for them punctured as they fade into mediocrity, or worse, out of sight. Bresnan is one who appears to be going the other way and while it is of course possible that this might be a flash in the pan performance, it has been worthy enough for us to hope that actually this big hearted trier is developing into a bowler of international substance in much the same way as Matthew Hoggard or Andrew Caddick did for example. Well done Tim and please continue to prove us wrong!




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28 12 2010

Well played Bradders, I did wonder during the day what your opinion might be!!

Should be another good win; although Perth was incredibly disappointing from an England POV, this match has illustrated what a class, and deep outfit England have become.

Must strive for 3-1.

29 12 2010
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

Bradders, I made a similar mistake with Alastair Cook and did my apology after the 1st test. I also added that I wouldn’t touch a bet on him being the Ashes top run scorer with a barge poll.

What do I know?

I have also questioned Bresnan in the past, before this tour I only really seen him as a handy 5th bowler and could only see him playing if England went behind in the series.

I think I might pack up this blogging and leave it to people who know what they are talking about.

30 12 2010
James Parrett

Hi Brad,

Seasons greetings! Don’t worry about this mate, in one of my previous comments i didn’t think Tremlett would cut the mustard at int’l level… oooop.

Talking of unsung heroes, Andy Flower for a knighthood…?? The man is a legend! Really is an example to all on and off the pitch.

Thoughts for Sydney? Any length in an argument for two spinners and unleashing Monty??


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