The Perfect Christmas Present: Australia Gift England The Ashes

26 12 2010

Firstly let us wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Secondly, let us thank Australia for making it such a perfect one. After an excellent day featuring the typical large amounts of Roast Turkey, Chocolate and other assorted sweets and a fair amount of mulled wine, it was rounded off a compliant Australian team folding for their only first innings Ashes total of sub 100 ever. Thank you Punter, thank you Watto, and thank you above all, Mike Hussey.

Your generosity has been noted and has been taken as part payment for all those years of hurt and toil you subjected us to.

As several noteworthy writers and experts on the game have mentioned, the concept of momentum should be well and truly buried – certainly in games involving Australia and England. We noted previously that England did not need to worry as over the last couple of years, despite their improvements and added mental steel, they have had a habit of losing heavily after winning well. England remained the better side despite the debacle at Perth and this was born out last night at the MCG.

Any side that have only three performing players cannot over a five test series expect to come out on top of a side who have as many as eight or nine fully contributing members. It is of course not beyond the realms of possibility that Australia could still work their way into a winning position – or at least a non losing one – but quite honestly, this would be an extraordinary turn around and one that would rank up there with the best of them.

With Strauss and Cook showing the virtues of not playing loosely outside the off stump to Australia’s profligate batsmen, and providing they can continue in this manner for most of the day tomorrow, Australia will be dead and buried. The Ashes gone.

We could go on in this vein seemingly forever yet we won’t and instead will point you in the direction of Sir Geoff’s scathing piece for the Telegraph. Justified every word.




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