An Ashes Story

22 12 2010

For those people who haven’t yet come across the truly excellent cricketing website, King Cricket, this is an ideal day to have a look at it. The reason being that the King himself has deigned to publish one of our humble offerings, a match report of England vs Australia at the Oval in 2009.

Clicking on the link you may wonder where the cricket is in the report, but, given the fact that the King stipulates he wants ‘match reports that don’t mention the actual cricket’ we feel we have admirably fulfilled our side of the bargain.

Plus you can also see a couple of photos of our wedding…  (If that doesn’t make you click the link we don’t know what will).

Therefore click here to get your fill of probably our favourite cricketing website. Apparently part two of our match report is on its way today so we will post the link as and when its up.

All comments welcome!





2 responses

22 12 2010

Very nice story that. Hope you and your missus don’t settle your arguments with those pieces of wood! 🙂

And congrats on the CH anniversary.

22 12 2010
Gajidu Kuruwitage

Nice blog mate. keep it up.

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