A Quick Thank You

20 12 2010

Today, remarkably, the Compulsive Hooker is one year old! I would like to thank, in our best Oscar acceptance speech style, everyone who has read, commented or contributed on the website as without you (sniff, sniff, wipes away tears) the Hooker would be nothing. Actually, technically, there would in all likelihood still be a website – just one with not a great deal of point behind it…

One unforeseen consequence of calling yourself the ‘Compulsive Hooker’ has been the interesting search terms people use to find us. ‘Pakistani Hooker’, ‘Indian Hooker’ all popping up now and again. Special thanks though must go to the chaps (we presume) who reach this website by searching for ‘Bangladeshi Hooker’ – one of you at least keeps coming back so we have obviously found a cricket fan by an alternative route there…

Another popular but random search term that regularly refers us traffic has been ‘Ben Young’s Girlfriend’. We don’t know who she is or what she looks like but we conclude that she must be of interest as this given us a not insignificant number of hits this year.

Thanks to the ever amusing Jrod at Cricket With Balls and, on the rugby side of things, to that excellent blog Total Flanker for the consistent  referral traffic. Thanks are also due to all of the friends of the Compulsive Hooker who come to the site through Facebook or Twitter. We will soon be setting up a page on Facebook so please join that as and when…

So with far more people visiting the site than we ever imagined possible back in January when we had just over 500 people in our first month – most of whom were our direct relatives – we will say thank you again and please keep coming back!




2 responses

21 12 2010

Keep up the good work Bradders!

Been some great reading in the six months or so since I discovered the CH.


21 12 2010

Thank you very much kind sir!

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