‘Curtly’ Tremlett and Other Stories From The WACA

16 12 2010

Tremlett you beauty! On another excellent day for England’s bowlers it was the replacement, the new boy to England’s team who stood out. In three spells of sustained excellence and aggression, Tremlett proved why he could potentially become a major part of this English bowling attack and demonstrated a depth that Australia can only dream of.

People laughed a while ago when Warne declared that Tremlett had the ability to be the best fast bowler in the world in an article for the Daily Telegraph, yet today the huge potential he has always had translated into important test match wickets.

As everyone knows Tremlett is a very tall man, but unlike Finn, he has a real presence at the crease – akin perhaps to the great West Indian bowlers of the 80’s and 90’s, Ambrose for example. Whilst it is obviously wildly overstating things to claim that Tremlett is anywhere near as good a bowler as the great Antiguan; there were times, especially during his opening spell with the new ball, that we as spectators felt an anticipatory horror and an instinctive sympathy for the batsman every time he ran up to bowl.

The difference is of course that in the past, with Ambrose, this feeling was heightened by the knowledge that some hapless English batsman was inevitably going to be walking off head bowed at any given moment rather than in this case, Australian.

This was a good pitch, bouncy and certainly quicker than the last few years, yet Australia should have made a good first innings total and still be batting. That the Australians got close to 300 was really down to some profligate short pitched bowling from Finn who, if Broad was available for the next test, would probably miss out, so well did Tremlett bowl today.

Anderson and Swann were also effective and, along with Tremlett and Finn, were brilliantly supported by the English fielders. Collingwood in particular should be pleased as his catch to dismiss Ponting is up there with Strauss’ effort at second slip to dismiss Gilchrist in 2005. Mind you, its all fairly run of the mill for the Durham man!

England need to bat all day tomorrow and preferably until around tea of the next as well. If they can do that – well, they will practically be able to feel that urn of inverse importance to its size is in their hands.




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16 12 2010

Thought we bowled some tripe today (Tremlett aside); not as focused and sustained as Adelaide. Whilst a tremendous performance to bowl them out, I think the bowlers would be disappointed in letting them get away. That being said, the lower order just proved that once the shine is off the ball, it really is a batters wicket.

Collingwood’s catch – what a snorter! Great catch from Swann too!

Need to bat through the day and aim for 400 – 450 by lunch on day 3.

Game on!

16 12 2010

Well I hear what you say, and yes there were spells where we simply bowled to short – but all bowlers (even Finn in his first spell) did some good stuff in my opinion. Anderson’s afternoon spell was pretty good and Swann as ever did a job. What is excellent is that despite an inconsistent performance we still got them for 260! Every day presents us with more evidence that the Aussies are just rubbish… the English in me wants to touch any wood i can as a result – superstition is ridiculous!

17 12 2010
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I think Strauss would have been happy with the score if offered it at the start of the day, but to have them at 69/5 and let them get to 268 was disappointing for me.I know it is ultra critical, but I thought they lost their way a bit late in the day, even so it was a decent result.

4 to 5 seesions of proper batting and we will be almost there, but if we bat like idiots (and we have form, pre Ashes) we risk letting the Aussies back in. If the Aussies (of old) where in our position they would certainly put us to the sword on day 2, lets hope England can be as ruthless as they used to be.

I don’t want to get carried away with Tremlett after one days bowling, but he didn’t half look the part. Not criticising Finn, but he is an up and coming prospect, whereas Tremlett looks a far more complete bowler.

I’ve commeted on my blog before about Tremlett, at the start of the season I wrote a piece asking would his move to Surrey give him the kick up the arse he needed, and it appears that it did. I agree with you that if Broad was coming back for Melbourne, Finn’s position would be vulnerable.

I would go a bit further than that and say that I think Tremlett will be ahead of Finn by the time this series finishes.

19 12 2010
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

Did I really write 4-5 sessions of proper batting! Bloody Hell, I don’t think we have managed two sessions of proper batting in our two innings yet.

19 12 2010

exactly! Back to reality then…

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