Vote For Swann!

14 12 2010

With that weird but strangely compelling award, the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year, due to be awarded on Sunday evening, we thought we would write a small piece in support of Graeme Swann’s nomination. SPOTY, as it is known, is an award that is misnamed being as it is that ‘personality’ does not much come into it.

In reality it is a roll call of the most popular sportsman throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland – a popularity gained through their achievements in the past year. Character or ‘personality’ obviously helps the winner garner votes but is hardly the defining factor. Indeed, it is a rare thing for a player of genuinely interesting character to win the award despite what it’s title might be. As even the most committed Jonny Wilkinson fan could testify (and we rank pretty highly amongst them here at the Compulsive Hooker) as popular as he was back in 2003 due to his spine tingling drop goal down under, he was hardly what one would call ‘a personality’.

One person that lives up to both the original ideas of the competition by performing with sustained excellence as well as fulfilling the modern guise of the award by having what one might call an irrepressible and engaging character is obviously England’s finest, Graeme Swann. There is obviously something about spinners as Monty Panesar was also nominated back in 2006 – as much for his exuberant celebrations and rapid cult status as much as anything else – although in the end he failed to even come close.

Swann on the other hand appears to have a real chance and therefore we advise you to get behind him and vote in his favour when proceedings open.

For anyone doubting his aforementioned ‘personality’ have a look at his video diaries posted at the ECB website although they can also be found on Youtube. For ease we have included his fourth installment below – they are well worth a watch!





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