Adelaide Oval, Day 4: Excuses And An Australian Selection Success

6 12 2010

Another solid days work from England has ensured that, provided the inclement weather holds off, England should move to a one nil lead in the Ashes tomorrow. It has been a much more determined effort from the Aussies all round in their second dig, yet, once more, England are proving to have more of an edge in their bowling attack than the Baggy Greens and are chipping away at the Australian top order.

For the second game in a row, England have been bolstered by a couple of outstanding innings combined with a disciplined and intelligent bowling effort – two fairly large aspects of the game of cricket that Australia appear to be missing at the moment. It has been a joy to welcome Kevin Pietersen back to his imperious best and look forward to a series (and indeed another five years) of heavy run scoring whilst Cook and the entire bowling attack deserve credit for their efforts as well. At this rate Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood and Matt Prior must be wondering when they’re going to get a chance to score some serious runs…


One interesting observation that has been made repeatedly over the past few days has been the Australian fans reactions to the way the cricket is going. The grounds have been swamped by English supporters with a curious lack of Aussies; the papers have moved the cricket from the back pages and the old rubbish about England being South Africa’s B team is being circulated continuously.

Essentially, all just ways of either explaining away or ignoring the cricket – something that makes us proud of the English fans whom whatever the result, and despite a slight reservation regarding some of the more ‘yobbish’ elements, could be relied upon to be in the stands supporting their team.


On the subject of the foreign born test players, it is interesting to note that there are plenty that have represented Australia. Below is as complete a list as we can find anywhere on the net.

ENGLAND (10): Charles Bannerman, John Hodges, Tom Kendall, William Midwinter, Percy McDonnell, William Cooper, Henry Musgrove, Hanson Carter, Tony Dell and Andrew Symonds.

SCOTLAND (1): Archie Jackson.

IRELAND (2): Tom Horan, Tom Kelly.

SOUTH AFRICA (1): Kepler Wessels.

NEW ZEALAND (3): Tom Groube, Clarrie Grimmett and Brendon Julian.

INDIA (2): Bransby Cooper and Rex Sellers.

SRI LANKA (1): Dav Whatmore.

Whilst being true that England have selected many more than Australia over test cricket’s history, it is obvious that Aussie cricket fans searching for cricketing ‘banter’ should probably leave this particular whinge alone. Far better to acknowledge and accept the fact that in this modern day and age of a smaller world and high migration rates this is only going to increase in regularity.

After all, we would imagine few of the people complaining about Trott, KP et al would complain if Usman Khawaja went on to score twenty hundreds for Australia over the next few years.

For our money, as long as the players fully commit to England, we have no issues with anyone doing this.


One bit of good news though now for Australia.

It appears the plan to select Xavier Doherty maybe working after all… As we all know he was picked with an eye to dismissing KP whose weakness against left arm orthodox spinners is well known. Pleasingly this can be calculated as another success for the Australian selectors following his dismissal of the English number four today…

Problem is of course – KP was on 227 at the time!




3 responses

6 12 2010
Chris Allen

Intriguing Cricket, and agree with the C.H. regarding the way The Aussies are dealing with the situation. But surely the back pages are full of why Qatar beat a clearly better bid from Australia for the Football World Cup! Let alone America!
Being hugely patriotic I wont go on about 2018, ….ok I will, Ok Russia, I can see that, but for England 2 votes! Voted out first, Portugal relieved they didnt get it! Come on, something is clearly wrong.

Will we see the World Cup moved to January, meaning a 6 week break in the regular football season! Cant see the FA agreeing to that!

Crowds make the World Cup, great spectical, Qatar, 1.6 million people, little inferstructure, loads of 5 star hotels! great!, I am saying it now, no one will go! Players, coaches, supporters, no one! I certainly wont!

Big mistake FIFA, you now look like a buch of crooks, All FA’s accross the football playing World should make a stand now! Dont wait, arrange an alternative World Cup, or at least say, we will not rearrange our season to cope with Qatar weather, neither will we play in 50 degrees!

Anyone agree, or am i on my own with this?

6 12 2010

Nice article, Bradders. All England’s dominance so far will count for nothing, though, should the weather intervene tomorrow. As we constantly see in Test cricket momentum can shift very quickly; I was at Cardiff on the final day of the 1st test the summer before last, where after a cheap KP dismissal before lunch, there was talk of another Aussie whitewash.
Agree 100% with Chris above too; I fail to see how both decisions could have been arrived without the intervention of backhanded brown envelopes. Both selected Countries had the worst technical bid and will struggle to overcome the serious logistical issues that confront them, not least building all Stadia from scratch; it could all become farcical.
If FIFA were determined to take the game to new realms, they should have made this clear 3 years ago so England could have saved £15m and all the grief.

6 12 2010

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