The Gabba, Day 4: Trials and Tribulations

28 11 2010

This test has, for many reasons, epitomised why it is we love test cricket over all other forms of this wonderful game. No single match of 20 or 50 over cricket would be able to bring us through the full gamut of emotions with such regularity and intensity of feeling.

In this test match England fans alone have been given a large dose of disappointment as England folded on the first day; a healthy dose of optimism as England fought back with some excellent bowling and were one dropped catch away from having Australia 143-6; a growing sense of pessimism which eventually turned to downright dismay as Haddin and Hussey ground England’s chances of winning into dust and ensured the spectre of defeat loomed large; and then, today, the sense of imminent defeat and the accompanying gloom gradually giving way, via a strong sense of disbelief, to optimism and a certain joie de vivre as Strauss and Cook piled on the runs. All of this liberally garnished to add spice with a potent mix of tension and passion.

In short – just another Ashes test…

Due to other commitments – namely catching up on sleep following three 4 am starts for the cricket – we didn’t write an update for day 3 yesterday, although, to tell the truth, this was also as much to do with the aforementioned ‘dismay’ we were also feeling as anything else. Today with the threat of immediate defeat removed and a later alarm clock time set, we are feeling much more eloquent.

Firstly though a quick mention for Haddin and Hussey who played two of the finest Ashes innings we have ever seen. Coming in under severe pressure both players were solid from the off with Hussey in particular looking in exceptional touch. As was the way with England today, the luck was with them from throughout their sojourn at the crease and, despite some brilliant bowling from Anderson in particular, they fought through and ensured that the game then on was out of England’s reach.

That the situation has been, if not reversed, certainly made a whole more palatable for England was down to some further excellent batting from Strauss and Cook plus able support from Trott. Both openers scored hundreds – apparently the first time in the same innings since before the war which seems like an amazing stat – on a pitch which is clearly getting easier for batting.

England are not out the woods yet by any means, but, providing they do not lose quick wickets in the morning, can even put Australia under pressure in the afternoon. A lead of 250 just after lunch for example with perhaps 50 overs for Australia to survive, would be a good way of reasserting themselves in this series. After all – take a couple of quick wickets and you never know what might happen in this game…




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28 11 2010

Things are looking good for a hotly contested summer. I only hope there can be some kind of result tomorrow. England to make a sporting declaration?

Enjoying your blog, good commentary. You might like my humourous take on the series:


28 11 2010

Suspect it will be a draw but yes I also hope there will be a result.

Laughed out loud when i clicked on to yours!

Thanks for commenting

28 11 2010

England didn’t have a great deal of luck yesterday, but appeared to get the breaks today when needed.

All of the England batsmen today played outstandingly well and they deserve what they got. A word to the England bowlers because if they had not have finished off the tail as quickly and as cheaply as they did, the batsmen would have been left a bigger and much harder task.

I don’t think an England win is possible, but if they can reach a decent total tomorrow, and give ourselves a chance to bowl at the Aussies and nip a few out, it will be a big mental boost heading to the 2nd test. That being said the England batsmen must reapply themselves and carry on today’s good work. First test and all Grovar, not sure sporting declarations will be abundant!

I will ask a couple of the England batsmen to give their wicket away to Mitchell Johnson, just so he is retained for the next test match, we need his buffet bowling and Geoff Boycotts unmerciless ripping of him to continue.
Perhaps it is the moustache, bet he cant wait for December to roll around so he can shave it off.

Keep it up lads, been an intriguing test so far and a great start to the series. I would say Oz have won 2 1/2 days; England 1 1/2, so we need that extra days winning.

Get well soon to Andy Flower as well.

29 11 2010

A draw would be a fitting result here, if a little unsatisfactory. Both sides have had their moments, neither have dominated. Doug Bollinger has to be a fair chance to replace Johnson for the second test. Though his baby face chops do little to inspire the caterpillars for cricket fund.

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