The Gabba, Day 1

25 11 2010

Something a little different today. A quick question and answer session on day 1 at the Gabba from an Englishman and an Australian’s perspective…

1: Is 260 enough for England?

Eng: Probably not. However do not despair just yet. There was enough in the air and in the track that it is far from a certainty that Australia will score freely and highly tomorrow.

Aus: No. We’re going to score 450 (although deep down we’re scared of Swann still).

2. Was it good bowling or poor batting?

Eng: Bit of both really. Can’t deny Siddle his glory moment – the hat trick was special – but one or two gave their wickets away in an all too familiar fashion.

Aus: Top bowling mate. We’ve now got the confidence and proof that England’s batting is even more suspect than our own.

3. Was leaving out Bollinger the right thing to do?

Eng: We thought not and hoped he wouldn’t play – slightly ironic now, we feel.

Aus: Despite the enormous outcry in the media at Bollinger’s exclusion – we never doubted Siddle. Andrew Hilditch is especially pleased.

4. Whats going to happen tomorrow?

Eng: Bowl tightly and full. Nip out the openers and Ponting early and work away at Australia’s frail middle order from there. Anthing under 320 would be ok. Alternatively the sun comes out and England’s bowlers struggle as the pitch gets quicker and easier to bat on. Early wickets key.

Aus: Bat all day and most of the next. Bit worried that this pitch is indeed a little ‘juicy’ and England’s attack might run through us but pretty confident that we can take a sizeable lead nevertheless.

5. What does this mean for the series?

Eng: Nothing.

Aus: Got some confidence back – going to take the Poms down 5-0.

6. Anything else?

Both: Don’t trust any predictions made by the Compulsive Hooker. They’re invariably wrong – the CH would have had Bollinger playing instead of Siddle.

The idiocy.




4 responses

25 11 2010
James Parrett

Hello mate,

Read an interesting stat the other day that Eng have never lost at the Gabba when they have scored 270 or more in the first innings…

So close!

I agree with pretty much all your comments. I think there were some very loose shots from Eng. I didn’t really think the Ozzies looked that threatening… where’s their pace?? Even Johnson was rarely troubling the high 80s.

I stayed up til 2am this morning. Not sure i’ll be repeating…!

25 11 2010

That is agonisingly close.

I was up at 3:45am to watch it. Flagging now. Still doing it again tomorrow I’d say.

25 11 2010

What a frustrating but nonetheless thrilling days play. As you have read I was a Siddle doubter, how stupid do I look now! Well done to him. Well done to Ian Bell also; stuck to it brilliantly with all the mess going on around him.

Day 2 Prediction:
Collingwood to scatter the Oz middle order after lunch tomorrow.

25 11 2010

Yes! I like the Colly prediction… Bell was class

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