China’s Debut

22 11 2010

Perhaps some red pads would be better?

The other day we wrote about China’s cricket team making their debut at the Asian games. Even taking into account that we knew they were playing and had even written an article about it; when we checked Cricinfo this morning, as we habitually do, we were still surprised to see ‘Pakistan vs China’ written in bold in the ‘live scores’ section.

Somehow China playing a senior Asian side didn’t look right, although, as we mentioned it is something that we may get used to in years to come – the sooner the better in our opinion.

In today’s game, their first match of the tournament, against a side made up of Pakistani first class players many of whom have played for Pakistan A and other representative teams, China lost by a small matter of 128 runs. The best Chinese performance on the day came from Wang Lei whose three overs only cost 14 runs – impressive since Pakistan got 183-1.

For the scorecard click here.

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