England Ashes Worries: Misplaced or Not?

18 11 2010

Who else has a sneaky suspicion that England’s Ashes tour is headed for a nasty fall? Who else has a little voice nagging at them that this might be on Thursday 25th November at the Gabba?

As we keep being told (and certainly within our memory) this is one of the most successful starts to an Ashes tour by England for quite a number of years. So far you would have to say that England have achieved absolutely everything they wanted to. All the bowlers appear to be in good and even wicket taking form. The batting has been notable for the runs scored by Strauss, Cook, Collingwood and Bell  and there have been signs that even KP is seeing the ball well. Yes Trott hasn’t scored a 50 and Morgan hasn’t had a match but no one is seriously worried about these two at this stage…

No one has yet collapsed in a heap with a series ending injury and Anderson, despite the worries about his rib injury, is fit. Factor in the Australians being more confused and unsure about their side than we have seen for several years (actually make that ever!) and, all in all, you have a tour that from England’s perspective is going swimmingly.

It is this fact that we are so uncomfortable with. As English fans, even in this day and age where we possess a settled decent side, we are still convinced that this state of affairs can’t continue for ever and that, somewhere soon, we are going to be forcibly reminded of the perils of supporting the English cricket team.

In England’s match against Australia A we are 335-5 in reply to their 230 all out. In days gone by this match would have been a major hurdle and conceivably even a ‘sixth test’, such was the opposition strength. There are still two days of this match to go and so it is possible we still maybe brought back to earth slightly – but we would say one thing- if they get through this match in this continued dominant manner, we won’t be surprised if at lunch at the Gabba England are 78-6…

Maybe we shouldn’t feel like this but cricketing superstition tells us its probably necessary to counterbalance the incredibly self confident English chat emanating from all other quarters…





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18 11 2010
James Parrett

Hi Brad,

I get what you’re saying mate. It is standard procedure for our media to build up the team into a slayer of all giants and then dash them back down to the gutter at the point of any failure.

It does look good though doesn’t it? I say good, I think it looks even. The beauty of test cricket is that anything can happen and games are won or lost in single sessions. What i’ve enjoyed about this build-up to the Ashes is the quality of the cricket – and that alone. No tales of injury, home sickness, unrest or anything. Just cricket. I watched the highlights of the game last night, Shahzad was hugely impressive, as was Tremlett. Bres bowled a couple of jaffas and i thought Monty look greatly improved.

The Ozzies aren’t going to roll over. They still have some fantastic players and you’re only a boundary away from form aren’t you? The most exciting aspect of this series is i think it’s going to be close. I think that’s what all the hype boils down to.

Good luck to all, and let’s hope England win!

19 11 2010
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

I totally get what you are saying, I watched a bit of the Aus A game currently on at the moment and noticed on Day 1 that it was an English style green top, I’ve got this nasty feeling (probably down to previous hammerings) that someone, somewhere is trying to suck us in.

All we hear is Oz in crisis, England on course. I for one won’t be expecting anything other than a different bunch of blokes to the ones we are currently hearing about lining up against England next week.

20 11 2010

England in trouble now. Oz have picked Xavier Doherty!

Did they really pick a left arm spinner just to take out KP?

20 11 2010

I saw that – in his current form you’d think it wasn’t a necessary step to pick a bowler especially for him!

Was about to do a post on it actually!

I get more confident – and conversely more worried that I’m messing it up for them – by the day…

20 11 2010


I think you are not alone in fearing that our positive thoughts might doom the boys!

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