4 11 2010

In the course of writing this blog we have been asked to plug certain products here and there including such delightful things as gym equipment, sporting memorabilia and bizarrely, being an English site dedicated to cricket and rugby, a Canadian sports store. Up until this point we have not wanted to sully the purity and non commercial nature of this site.

Now however this has changed with the promise of a sample of their wears. Never let it be said that the Compulsive Hooker is adverse to receiving freebies…

The delightful people of ‘Philosophy Football‘ (despite the name they also deal in cricketing apparel) have said they will send us a freebie if we post this link. Click through for an amusing and topical Ashes Christmas present (seen in the picture).

Anyway, for those highly offended of our capricious and easily swayed nature, please forgive us – we will be back to proper (if thats what you call it) writing soon!




3 responses

4 11 2010
James Parrett

Shameless plugging Bradders! Well done, well done!

4 11 2010

£20.99 seems ludicrously expensive for a white t-shirt?

I hope you sold your soul for considerably more than that, Bradders! 😉

4 11 2010

Haha – I didn’t look at the cost – I’m getting one free…

And no – my soul isn’t worth much.

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