The Lankans Win! Australia Collapse

3 11 2010

Edit: Xavier Doherty has bowled well in a LOSING cause!

Brilliant and slightly incredible stuff from Lasith Malinga and Angelo Matthews!

There is no defeat quite like one in which the opposition do their best impressions of Lazarus… As English supporters we can’t quite believe the build up to the Ashes that the Australians are having. Being Australian and clearly not poor players, at some point they are going to bite back and find that famed spirit and grit of theirs – yet lose too many more of these sorts of matches and it will all be buried in a morass of self doubt and fear.

It’s a strange thing writing in this fashion and inserting the word ‘Australian’ – it feels wrong and makes us want to swap the word ‘England’ in instead as that would be a concept we are used to. We only ask that this current losing streak can be continued  until the Ashes are decided!

Hardly a considered piece and not at all balanced – but we simply cannot resist the gloating!




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3 11 2010

Congratulations to Eng…er…I mean Sri Lanka! 🙂 And Bradders…looks like you’ve got 3 national teams fighting for your cause! We did our bit in India…and now SL are carrying forth your torch!

As for the match, brilliant stuff from AM & LM… and what a fairytale finish for MM at the MCG! And what a great week for ODIs this…3 must-see finishes in a row!

As for the Ashes implications… the omens and the preparation schedule are certainly all positive for Engand…and I am tempted to revise my prediction! And had the 1st Test been at Sydney or Adelaide, i might well have. But remember, it’s gonna be Brisbane…one of Oz cricket’s FORTRESSES. And if Australia start on a winning note — and my head as well as history tell me they should at Brisbane — they’ll be hard to stop thereafter.

On the flip side, if Oz lose at Brisbane…the self-doubt and fan / media pressure might just fuel another Ashes disaster for them. So bottom line…ENGLAND HAVE TO WIN, OR DRAW, BRISBANE. Else all the build-up advantages will be lost.

4 11 2010

You’re absolutely right. I’m a bit scared of what might happen if England don’t win that first game…

3 11 2010

Double bad news for Australia, first it’s an even bigger hit on their failing confidence, second, Hussey got runs (unattractively) means he’ll stick round to drag the team down for a few more games. Where is Callum Ferguson? He was in top form for Australia before his injury, and is now getting runs for his state team,while Hussey is doing next to nothing. Doherty aside, how dismal did our bowling look? oh except smith was tidy, why Clarke decided not to bowl him I’m not sure.

3 11 2010

@Dingo… as a neutral, I too think that Hussey (in Test cricket) and North present a pretty non-threatening lower-middle-order. I’ve only seen a limited amount of Ferguson…that too only in ODIs. But any chance of a Sean Marsh or Hughes or even Dave Warner being considered for a middle-order slot??? I don’t know what their FC stats are like, but I’ve always liked Marsh’s balance, strokeplay and solid technique…Hughes’ positivity in strokeplay…and Warner’s even more audacious and aggressive approach (which he brings to his fielding too). Wouldn’t those qualities be desirable for nos. 5 and 6 in a test match? And are these guys anywhere near the top of the pecking order for possible middle-order replacements???

4 11 2010

I think Ferguson’s the Aussies best bet – couldn’t understand why he wasn’t an automatic pick for the ODI’s upon his return from injury either. Usman Khawaja would be the other person up for selection i’d say.

Personally would rather they continue with North and Hussey…

4 11 2010

“AM & LM… and what a fairytale finish for MM at the MCG!”

BP sets the record for most M initials in a sentence.

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