Bangladeshi Brilliance

14 10 2010

Whilst all the hullabaloo regarding India’s series win over Australia has been going on; something brilliant has been happening in Bangladesh. That is, of course, if you are a Bangladeshi.

With the 3rd one day international just finished, Bangladesh have bowled out New Zealand to win the game by 9 runs. Having won the previous two games of a four match series this is their first series win over a full ICC member nation and, rightly, it appears things are going mad in Bangladesh.

Now we haven’t seen a single ball of these series so we cannot tell you about the standard of cricket, the umpiring or any other facet of the game yet we can say we are delighted for the Bangladesh team. Despite losing both home and away series in England, test and ODI, there were signs that just perhaps there was a quality to the side, albeit at times hidden in amongst the dross, that the cricketing world had not seen before. Whether it was the brilliance of Tamim Iqbal at Lords in the Summer, or the frankly incredible contributions from Shakib Al Hasan in this series so far, (in this game he scored a hundred to go with the fifty he scored in the first match and has comfortably out bowled Daniel Vettori as well) there is a hint of class that was not present before. Even more impressively they have won this series without Tamim who is injured.

You have to feel for the Kiwi’s though as suddenly this next couple of months is looking pretty grim. Following this they have a trip for 3 test matches and 2 ODI’s to India – hardly the place you would want to go having lost to Bangladesh. Looking at the scorecards however it appears that the Kiwi batting has simply not fired with the usual stalwarts of Ross Taylor, Vettori again and Brendan McCullum having a lean time of it. The Black Caps, like the Australians, are renowned ‘scrappers’ yet this quality appears to have been lost according to many of the reports during this series and that should be a major concern to them.

A while ago we wrote an article suggesting that the West Indies could learn a great deal from the Black Caps – both are teams with limited resources in terms of numbers of players amongst other things – yet the Kiwi’s have a better record over the past decade or so. However if New Zealand lose this extra grit then there is not really much to separate these too sides and that could be problematic for the future of cricket in the country. Perhaps we’re being melodramatic by suggesting this but it is surely a concern at some level.

To round off however, we would like to get back to Bangladesh and congratulate them once more on a brilliant and convincing performance. Lets see whether they can make it 4-0…




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