Headlines We Like: ‘Wilkinson in Vintage Form’

20 09 2010

An Encouraging Report

Jonny - in form?

We didn’t see the game and since haven’t managed to find any highlights so it is impossible to judge whether it is an exaggeration or not but, regardless of that, we like this head line from the Daily Telegraph very much:

‘Wilkinson in Vintage Form’

There are those who think the great man is a spent force (and to tell the truth we wrote something similar earlier this year after some leaden footed performances) but every time we read a headline like this we get hopeful again that Wilko will be ‘back’ once again to lead us to glory once more.

Wilkinson has been unlucky in making his numerous comebacks into England sides which, frankly, were lacking in world class (make that international class) operators; generally lagging behind most of the other top nations, Ireland and France included – not to mention the powers down south. With signs that perhaps England are back on the right track and will once again be able to compete properly at the all important break down, maybe this is Wilkinson’s time to show us why 7 years ago he was rated as the best in the world and one of the best ever.

After all – undoubtedly brilliant and all time great though he is – how good would Dan Carter look if he had had to play in an England team going backwards week after week?! It is possible (and even probable given the quality of the opposition England face in November) that the win over Australia is yet another false dawn and Wilkinson will continue his valiant, but ultimately unlikely quest, to regain the form and reputation he had during the early years of the decade. However, as die hard England and Jonny Wilkinson fans, we can but hope!

Did anyone see the game? If so please let us know how Jonny played.




2 responses

21 09 2010

Didnt see the game, but think this article maybe testament to how he is playing right now… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/8015831/Jonny-Wilkinsons-contract-will-be-renewed-at-any-price-says-Toulon-owner.html

21 09 2010

I saw that – lets just hope he can transfer it into a the international arena!

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