An Exercise in the Outer Limits of Stupidity

19 09 2010

Pakistani Team Talk – 3rd ODI at the Oval*

“Come over here boys. I’ve got a great idea for you. Now we all know that the Skipper and a couple of the other lads are in a bit of trouble for the test matches – but I think we should try again… What? No, don’t worry – its the best time to do it now that their attentions are focused on those games – no-one would ever suspect us of being so stupid to try again so soon… I know you might be a bit worried about this but look – its not no balls this time – we’ve just got to score a certain number of runs in a couple of overs during our innings… No I’m sure we’ll be alright this time – I mean, no ones talked to the papers have they? Or if you have just claim you were repeating something you’d read the previous day in the same paper – never fails!”

For further information on these further allegations click here. The original allegations were disturbing but this is something else as, if it is true, it would appear to make these problems endemic and not solely linked to only a couple of players.

Once more we find ourselves disappointed and depressed that the game we love should be tainted in this way. It would only take a couple of allegations against some nations and we feel the whole lot could come crashing down.

*Obviously (and probably) not what was said in the team talk – we weren’t there; how could we possibly know?! But you knew that already didn’t you…




2 responses

19 09 2010
Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog

Thats the problem that Pakistan are going to have now. Every dropped catch, run out, no-ball etc, is going to be treated with an element of suspicion.

I’m not convinced by this one though, if the allegations are that a particular scoring patern happened as predicted, then that could just be an accurate prediction, and not necessarily fixing.

20 09 2010

Agreed – this is a tricky one. My initial reaction was exactly the same actually although of course it has to be investigated.

Cheers for commenting.

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