County Title Goes To The Wire

14 09 2010

For all you County Cricket aficionados (and also the less fervent fans who may only be interested now it has come down to the wire) out there we thought we had better do a short piece on what is happening in the final round of matches in this years County Championship. A competition which inevitably suffers due to the combined forces of ridiculous scheduling, constant international cricket and a multitude of 20/20 tournaments has reached an exciting denouement.

In short; Nottinghamshire are top going into the matches which had their first days play yesterday but only by two points and have imploded somewhat over the past two weeks. Somerset are second and are chasing their first title ever (and with the rare possibility that one of our predictions may well come off we will be supporting them). Yorkshire are seven point adrift and consequently need other results to go their way but still have a reasonable chance.

Yorkshires opponents in this case are the Compulsive Hooker’s home county, Kent, who have to win to avoid relegation and for Warwickshire to lose their match against Hampshire. It has been a difficult season for Kent with their young players all struggling in Division One and so a season in Division Two maybe what they need although we would much rather they stayed up of course. However if Warwickshire lose and Kent win then the Midlanders will be relegated.

In a world in which almost every paper and news outlet has relegated the county championship to the small print of the sports round up pages it is refreshing to see the BBC providing live ball by ball coverage of all the various games going on as well as having their own live text update service. All this can be found on their website under the ‘Live’ link once play gets under way. For the county table and other information click here.




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