The Saga Continues

3 09 2010

Finally we have some action in this match fixing saga for which, surprisingly, we find ourselves applauding the ICC. An organisation who usually show about as much backbone as your average invertebrate; the ICC have decided that they can sit back no longer. The ICC are hardly renowned for their strength and unity and so for them to go as far as to suspend the three players involved pending further investigation is verging on the remarkable and a comment on the seriousness of the situation.

Asif, Amir and Butt have all been charged under the recently introduced ‘Anti Corruption Code’ which prohibits ‘fixing or contriving in any way’ and are all suspended until their cases are heard. If found guilty then a ban, although the length is discretionary, would be imposed.

We cannot help but think however that with the ICC’s track record as it is (and considering the police’s statement that they currently have insufficient evidence to make the charges stick in a court of law) the ICC may end up messing this whole process up. Presumably the ICC’s CEO, Haroon Lorgat, would have consulted with his legal advisors on this move and is perhaps privy to further information than we as the average fan is – yet we cannot help but have a sneaking suspicion that somehow it will all be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about.

The PCB (and inevitably the Pakistani government too) have as expected been caught somewhere in between a defence of their players and attacking the ICC. It is imperative that even if these players are cleared, either on a technicality or wholly, that a full investigation is carried out into Pakistani cricket as there is obviously something going on at some level. The PCB have long been a body which befuddle the rest of the world with their infighting and apparent protecting of their own interests and consequently it is vital that any investigation is independent.

To most people (and indeed us) there is something silly about someone talking about a lack of proof in this particular case. Amir was in the middle of a devastating and world class spell of rhythmical bowling and given these facts it would have been unlikely for him to have bowled a no ball at all – let alone one 8 inches over the line. Coupled with the News of the World tape it does indeed seem damning and therefore in an effort to save his career he might be better off being open and up front. That way at least he might have some sort of future after all and also assist the ICC into the bargain.

Here at the Compulsive Hooker we are as tired of this as you and so we will not say another word on this subject unless a new and truly newsworthy angle or piece of information comes our way. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with that decision!



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