KP – Happy To Be Dropped?

1 09 2010

Just days after it emerged that, during the Ashes, England players had been banned from using that site of stupefying banality, Twitter, KP has gone and put his foot in it. On learning he was dropped from the ODI and 20/20 teams to play against Pakistan, he posted a short message suggesting that, to put it mildly, suggested that England were incorrect to have dropped him. He also appeared to have mentioned that Surrey had signed him, so ending his period without a county (or without a county who would pick him anyway).

KP has for sometime been a shadow of the batsman he demonstrated himself to be on his arrival on to the scene. Since the beginning of January in 2009 he has scored only one test hundred and even more shockingly, in ODI’s, has a top score of 48 and an average of 17. 20/20 cricket has been the exception with some brilliant displays, particularly in the World Cup earlier this year.

Much has been written and we do not intend to repeat it but, suffice to say,  even a casual observer can tell that something is wrong somewhere in his make up currently and so this sojourn with Surrey will surely give him time to get his mind in gear. The interesting thing will be how he responds at the Oval playing division two County Cricket. KP is someone who in the past has appeared to thrive on being tested and it is conceivable that, like David Gower in his heyday for example, KP will be unable to motivate himself for the smaller occasion. The other side of the coin is the fact that throughout his career he has appeared to be quite commercially minded and so, with these handful of games amounting to a trial period and Andy Flower’s comments pertaining to the necessity of  England players having counties to go to, KP could well find motivation enough and score bucket loads of runs. We hope its the latter as England need him in tip top form for the Ashes.

None of this gets away from the fact that yet again this ‘tweet’ demonstrates what a singular character KP is. According to everyone KP is dedicated, ultra professional and a definite team man – in fact all things that you could use to describe his team mate Paul Collingwood. However the difference is that consistently often KP manages to land himself in hot water by doing or saying stupid things and this is but yet another example of this. Obviously realising that he probably shouldn’t have put these words in the public domain, they were swiftly removed to be replaced by a more ECB friendly line stating he was happy with the decision to drop him when clearly he is anything but.

With the batting noticeably shaky in the recent Pakistan series and with the Ashes coming up, England need KP firing on all cylinders. We hope that his time with Surrey is successful and that he comes back willing to prove everyone why it was the incorrect decision all along.




2 responses

1 09 2010
James Parrett

Hi Brad,

Agreed KP is a bit of an idiot. Agreed Twitter is pure stupidity. Agreed KP isn’t in great touch.

However, dropping him so that he can go off and play 2nd Div county cricket?? This really is one of the most stupid decisions the board has made. I thought we were getting away from this.

KP is Eng’s best batsman – BY A COUNTRY MILE. The last 3 series (i don’t include Bangladesh) : against Oz – hampered by serious injury – Saf – 1st game back from injury/no cricket/damn good bowling and no one got runs – and Pakistan – superb bowling in perfect swing conditions, again, no one really performed barring Trotty. This is a blip in a potentially great career.

If you look at KP’s performances compared to the rest of the top order, it’s pretty similar. Eng batting is weak, that’s why we play 6 bats. The UK press just love to build up and smash down and KP is the current / most high profile target = sells more papers. It amazes how dumb the public is to believe everything that is written in the press.

How would the Ozzies react? Mike Hussey, woefully out of form recently – stick with him. Michael Clarke, couldn’t buy a run – stick with him. They know they are the best they have, let them play themselves back into touch.

KP isn’t a rocket scientist, he’s just plain dumb at times and clearly still naive as to his public status. However, he clearly loves playing for England and gives his all on the field. He is one of the most talented batsmen in world cricket and this recent episode isn’t going to endear him to a board he still has a frosty relationship with.

Why push him away from the setup? If he’s ostracized further we’ll lose him to the $$$$ of India and that will be that.

A stupid stupid decision.

1 09 2010

Ah it seems my previous detailed reply to your comment didn’t save to hear is a briefer version! Crossed my mind too that it may ostracise him although Flower normally gets things right so hopefully KP will respond in a positive way. I am worried about losing him to the Indian dollar though.

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