Some (Late) Cricketing Thoughts

4 08 2010

As any regular readers of the Compulsive Hooker will know, we have been away enjoying the delights of the west Irish coast over the past week or so and have been unable (or possibly unwilling) to write anything. However we are now back in that metaphorical blogging saddle and have discovered much has happened over the past week in the world of cricket. We realise we are somewhat behind the times but we want to mention a few things that have pleased and irritated us in equal measures over this time.

England’s Win

Whilst this was a disappointing performance from Pakistan following their drawn series with Australia, we are highly pleased with the clinical nature of the performance. The bowlers were obviously exceptional with Anderson finally deigning to lead the pack, yet for us, it was Morgan’s performance that was the most pleasing. We have been pushing his potential in this form of the game for some time and are pleased that this faith has been vindicated. He obviously needs to kick on from here and do it again yet, for our money, we would rather have him in the side with his unflappable temperament against the Australians than Jonathan Trott, with Bell slotting in at three.

Featherbed Pitches

A game in which the two first innings scores are 642 and 707 is unequivocally being played on a terrible test match pitch. The Sri Lankan groundsman responsible has been quoted as saying that it was the poor bowling on display which is the reason why these scores were so astronomically high. Whilst some people may say there is possibly an argument to support this, particularly on the Indian side with their inexperienced attack, in our opinion this is absolute rubbish and preparing a pitch like this will only harm test cricket in the long run.

These featherbed pitches are also the reason why someone like Samaraweera averages over fifty in test cricket, which, quite frankly, is an insult to all the brilliant batsman before him who have averaged a similar figure. Fine player that he is – he is not a player on par with Viv Richards, Brian Lara, Steve Waugh to name but three.

Three Test Series

A rare positive note for the Sri Lankan and Indian cricket boards. In times when the dreaded two test series is the norm, we were surprised to see the third match start yesterday. Expecting only two games we had switched off and mentally congratulated Sri Lanka for the win. However now with the third match underway and with the pitch looking a whole lot better for the bowlers, we are pleased to see the series continuing, especially with a good chance of a result.

The Irish Public’s Cricketing Interest

Holidaying in Ireland over the past week or so, we have been struck by how much higher profile cricket has become since we first started regularly visiting 4 years ago. On the main stations there have been regular news updates on the state of England’s current series against Pakistan, updates on the Irish cricketing news and much about Eoin Morgan. This increasing exposure can only be good for the game and we are throughly pleased to see it as Ireland push for more recognition from the ICC.




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