Peter De Villiers: The Most Ridiculous Man in World Rugby?

23 07 2010

There are few things less admirable in sport than ignoring your own problems and making a scapegoat of someone else to explain away a couple of defeats. Yet sadly this is exactly what Peter De Villiers has done over the last few days, stating that the reason that the South African’s have lost their opening two Tri Nations games is down to a ‘refereeing conspiracy’.

We suspect that even the most fervent of Springbok supporters would agree with us when we say that the De Villiers has hardly been a credit to South African rugby with some of the most ridiculous outbursts and comments in rugby throughout his tenure. Yes, he has won a Lions series and a  Tri Nations so he is clearly not a complete dunce, but how much of that is down to the innate quality and leadership of many of the South African players themselves we’re not sure. In fact with some of his selections in mind we would go as far as to say that the Boks have dominated in spite of De Villiers rather than because of him.

The real test of his leadership is occurring now with a South African side who appear to be on a downhill slide after the peaks of the last few years. This is inevitable with an ageing side and one that every coach has to deal with at some stage. The signs for De Villiers are not good though as he seems to be demonstrating a singular lack of ideas to get the Boks back on level terms.

It is true that they did come up against a New Zealand side reborn after the relative mediocrity of the past two years or so (still far too good for most though it is true…) yet in our eyes the South Africans have problems in the scrum where Smit is surely now well past his sell by date; in the wide open spaces where they are showing the creative ability (or lack thereof) of recent English sides; and even possibly in the line out, previously such a bastion of South African strength.

Coupled with this they have shown some genuine indiscipline and foul play which has rightly been dealt with – any Bok supporter complaining of Bakkies Botha’s suspension clearly needs a lesson in objectivity – and whilst it is arguable that McCaw for example got off lightly for repeat infringing at the break down in the last match, it is hardly an excuse for two heavy losses. As for blaming the referees because they are Northern Hemisphere well that really gets our goat!

The Kiwis were brilliant for large parts of both games, the South Africans mediocre, so it is fair enough to say that De Villiers is hardly covering himself in glory by searching for answers in the frankly laughable concept of a referees conspiracy.




2 responses

23 07 2010

I think by ridiculous it should read, entertaining, and by not being a credit to South Africa it should read, Added comic value, I for one would be devastated by De Velliers departure, as much fun as White’s nude bush camps were, I thouroughly look forward to reading PDV breakdown of recent matches and his character profiles of other nations managers. So thankyou petey for bringing extra enjoyment to an otherwise unheralded and lacklustre part of the sport, the post game interview.

26 07 2010

Is PDV the Diego Maradonna of rugby coaches? Comic relief, insane, or just a clown?

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