Australia Skittled, Murali 800

22 07 2010

What a scoreboard!

Being English supporters there is little better than checking the cricket scores, expecting to see the Aussies 320 – 5 or so, only to find that Australia have been dismissed for 88 runs. It happens so rarely that we feel we should just sit back and relish it for a second…

Moving on reluctantly from that moment of pure pleasure let us have a look at what it means. Ricky Ponting will no doubt come in for justified criticism once again as it was his decision to bat first that led directly to this collapse. Headingley, although in recent years the wicket has flattened out, still remains somewhere which, when winning the toss and the conditions are overcast, bowling first is advisable. Ponting failed to heed this wisdom and duly paid the price.

Pakistan have responded reasonably well with the bat so far and, despite the loss of two late in the day wickets, are 148-3 in their second innings but will know they’re bowling performance will mean nothing if the batsman don’t stand up and bat well today. Pakistan’s great green lipped hope, Umar Akmal, is eight not out and needs to show some substance for all of his undoubted class. Since his debut hundred in New Zealand he has promised much in the test cricket arena without delivering a great deal. Today is his opportunity to put that record right.


Moving on to some breaking news – Muttiah Muralitharan has taken wicket number 800, getting the final Indian wicket to ensure a happy ending to his career. Whatever your opinion of him and the way he bowls it is an incredible achievement and something to be admired. For us at the Compulsive Hooker there has never been any doubt regarding the legality of his bowling action with even supposed modern day paragons of bowling virtue Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee and Shaun Pollock to name but a few all straightened their arms to a large degree and puts pay to the argument that the law was changed for him and him alone.

Well done Murali and the game of cricket will be poorer for your absence.




4 responses

22 07 2010

quick note – another 6 wickets in an innings for Watto. any good yet?

23 07 2010

Embarrasing for the Pakistanis. Seriously how can they get out to that?!!

No, he’s not too bad – but still no more than a back up bowler!

23 07 2010

Brad, a quick correction. Much of the confusion about the law change stems from the fact that it was changed twice (at least). Once to remove the ability to call a “throw” from the umpires hands – and this was entirely because of Murali – and once, several years later, to extend the legal definition to 15 degrees, which was only tangentially related to Murali. The law is still a dud, incidentally, because it defines throws in a way that ignores fundamental aspects of what makes a throw. But that is by the by.

As for Australia, Ponting hasn’t wond the toss and bowled second Edgbaston. Once burnt, twice shy is all well and good, but it is only luck nd inept opposition that has kept Australia from losing significantly more frequently, given the number of collapses they’ve had in the past two and a half years.

23 07 2010

Agreed Russ, but people still believe that the 15 degree law was changed for Murali and Murali alone which is clearly untrue as all bowlers ‘throw’ to a certain extent. Was simply the point I was trying to make…

As for Australia – I think you’re right. Against the English, the Indians and the South Africans I don’t believe they’ll continue to get away with their recent frailties for too long.

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