Afridi Retires From Test Cricket

17 07 2010

Shahid Afridi has announced his retirement from test cricket only two games after his much heralded return to the format. In a very honest and forthright press conference he acknowledged his failings, saying that temperamentally at least, he is not able to play test cricket.

Whist we admire his honesty we do find it a slightly astonishing statement. By their very nature, professional sportsman are usually driven to excel in their chosen sports and strive to be the best that they can be. Afridi is obviously talented and possesses the required skill set to succeed (and indeed his record is actually pretty reasonable), yet, where his major failings clearly lie is in his mental framework. Seemingly, he does not possess the will power to temper his normal attacking urges and, for this reason, we don’t think he is doing the right thing for Pakistan. With a little more control there is little doubt that he would be amongst the best eleven cricketers in Pakistan and for the nations sake we felt perhaps he could have tried harder.

Above all though we are simply disappointed from a fans point of view a Pakistan side with Afridi playing is infinitely more exciting than a team without him.




2 responses

17 07 2010
Brian Carpenter

‘Integrity and honesty’? On this occasion, yes, but I suggest that his record in these areas isn’t great. In fact it’s absolutely terrible.

Or were you being ironic?

17 07 2010

Having re read it I have to claim a fuzzy head after the night before for that fairly monumental error!! Biting ball etc… You’re absolutely right!

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