Strauss Demolishes the Desh

13 07 2010

Anyone still mentioning Strauss’ inability to score quickly enough in one day cricket should be shot after his magnificent 154 yesterday. Equally, anyone mentioning Trott in the same breath should probably suffer the same fate, but, as we are likely to continue our mini crusade to rescue English cricket from Trott’s presence, we are going to waive this ban… Granted he has scored 94 and 110 in consecutive innings so for now we are going to have to leave this point of view to one side, but be assured that we are going to pick it up once more when Trott starts failing against the Pakistan and Australia later this year as assuredly he will!

Strauss on the other hand has merely continued his good work from the Australia series although this time rather than falling for an attractive 50 odd he went on to score the big one he has been threatening to do so. Strauss currently has a reasonable record as an opener, certainly by English standards, yet by world standards he needs to score more hundreds to be considered a very good one day cricketer. This criticism is hardly new though and can probably be applied to the entire England team rather than just him although perhaps there are early signs that this may be improving with Morgan (2) and now Strauss and Trott all scoring hundreds this year. KP is one that, despite a blazing start to his ODI career, could learn this lesson and indeed needs to pick up his game entirely. In the last 18 months he has scored just 285 runs in 17 games with an average of just over 17.

These complaints are relatively minor though as England are winning series and generally winning well, so it seems churlish to pick too many faults. On the positive side, the performance of Ajmal Shahzad in this series was a major plus point. Shahzad bowled with a pace and fire that England had been conspicuously lacking up until this point. Indeed in our eyes there are faint echoes perhaps of Simon Jones in the way he bowls with such aggression and we hope he gets further opportunities ahead of Tim Bresnan in particular.

For Bangladesh this can be put down as a good trip albeit they were still beaten comfortably in two of the games. That first win is highly important though as it can form something of a mental block and with it they showed continued signs of progress. Mashrafe Mortaza impressed with his captaincy as he at least appears to have a cricketing brain.

The Bangladeshi team now move on to a two match series against Ireland which should prove interesting. Ireland have recently been crowned the ICC World Cricket League Champions and been unbeaten in the process with wins over Afghanistan, Scotland, Kenya, Netherlands and Canada. Bangaldesh, as the next rung up on the ladder, will provide a good challenge and it is important for both sides they perform well. For Bangladesh, it is key that they prove their higher quality so justifying their inclusion at the top table of world cricket, and for Ireland, whose bid for test status has faltered, it would be a further demonstration of their quality and right at the very least to be considered an equal of Bangladesh and possibly Zimbabwe.


Finally a quick word about the Pakistan vs Australia series kicking off today at Lords. The first neutral test match at Lords since 1912, this is quite an event for both sides and offers Pakistan a chance to redeem themselves after the shambles of the Australian Summer.

In modern times when cricket seems to rank a long way down the list of what the newspapers and other media organisations deem newsworthy it is excellent to hear that the BBC and the Test Match Special team are providing live commentary for the entire series. We had suspected that this series being between two neutral countries would have been deemed an irrelevance in a sporting Summer taken over by the round ball game, yet we are pleased to see its not.

We even heard the brilliant and amusing Henry Blofeld during the Bangladeshi series so there is hope yet!




4 responses

13 07 2010

There goes the English getting all excited by plumping up there averages against limited opposition, granted, Strauss has been playing good aggresive cricket of late, he has a big strong frame and I like the way he attacks anything short (which was what the bengali’s seemed to be spoon feeding him all afternoon for some unbeknownst reason) incidentally, how many times has Kieswetter been bowled now? does he know where his stumps are? remember the old days when players would spend 3 or 4 hours asking the ump to line for them, scratching away with boots, bats, bails or whatever detritus they could get there hands on, bring craig a video (they still have those dont they?) Anyway, good effort lads. I do like Shazad’s fire, but it looks a little lame getting that fired up against a 4ft high 20yr old bengali, maybe save that stuff for the end of the year, dont wanna to tire yourelf out son.

13 07 2010

Cheers Dingo – I assume you mean the Aussies when you mention the limited opposition…

13 07 2010

Strauss 5 matches v Aus for an average of 38.20 strike rate 78.27 and Trott didn’t even get a run, so not sure that was a great deal of plumping.

13 07 2010

True – but I have an irrational dislike of Trott!!!

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