A Truly Worrying Sporting Development

5 07 2010

We are currently sitting watching the Australia Pakistan game and have noticed a dreaded and worrying development in the method of support that the crowd use. Inevitably and unfortunately it is this piece of noise polluting plastic:

The worst thing to happen to sport probably ever...

We haven’t mentioned them yet in our writing as we hoped if we ignored them they might go away. Sadly it appears not. We also haven’t heard them in any other sporting occasion than the world cup so this apparent spread is a truly disturbing phenomenon!

They have been one of the reasons (probably even the main reason) we haven’t enjoyed the football world cup so much – there drone proving to be more irritating than even Cristiano Ronaldo’s behaviour. We have no truck with the people calling them a traditional sporting spectators instrument (absolute rubbish) and sincerely hope that places like Lords will never allow them in.

Imagine trying to concentrate with Shaun Tait bowling at you in a crucial Ashes session only to be distracted by what sounds like a huge swarm of bees attacking you.

It’s just simply not cricket.




8 responses

5 07 2010

I heard one at Lords on Saturday and was REALLY hoping it was my imagination. Im not a party pooper but you’re right…it’s just not cricket!

6 07 2010

Noooooooooooooo! Of all places I thought Lords would be safe….

6 07 2010
Chris Allen

I hate them with a vengeance, please no way at cricket!

7 07 2010

banned full stop i say!

6 07 2010
Ben Palmer

Here here Broads. Voovoosala’s(?) = a poor imitation of your clarinet playing at prep school! Torture!! 😉

6 07 2010

haha! Brilliant!

7 07 2010

The onus is on the grounds to ban them, and they need to do it now. They are not cricket, and incredibly irritating.

However, I can see the MCC developing their own range of egg and bacon coloured ones!

7 07 2010

Now that would be interesting – although if they’re being developed by the MCC – surely they would be muted and would automatically play Jerusalem or some such thing instead…

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