Murray Mania

30 06 2010

With all this World Cup malarkey, Summer rugby internationals and a one day series against Australia in the cricket going on, we have failed to pay much attention to that lovely patch of England, SW19. Wimbledon is usually one of our favourite weeks of the year, representing as it does all that is great about England. Sunny afternoons, Pimms, strawberries and cream and sport. (This is of course a purely romantic thing as we don’t really like Pimms or strawberries to be honest!)

Express these views to the U.K.’s leading player, Andy Murray, and you would quite likely get a bash over the head with a tennis racket. Never one afraid to distance himself from the English (quite rightly to be honest as he isn’t) and even on occasions, but less correctly we feel, the concept of ‘British-ness’, Murray is enthusiastically supported by most English people. We are more ambivalent about him here at the CH. Not because of his anti-English stance, which to tell the truth we are familiar and comfortable with when it comes to rugby and football fans, but due to his slightly sullen nature. Still, we will be putting these misgivings to one side today and will be supporting him in his quarter final clash on Centre Court for reasons explained in a minute.

We had managed to miss practically the entire tournament up until now, only vaguely aware it was even on, and so we were slightly shocked and felt vaguely cheated to see that the competition was already at the quarter final stage. Murray is up against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and, if his record against Frenchman is anything to go by, he should move into the semi’s.

We hadn’t realised that Murray was so ruthless against the French and this has proved a fillip to increasing our support levels of him. We had been, as above, ambivalent as to whether he progresses; now that we know he is such a destroyer of England’s old enemy France* we might even admit a small cheer if he wins!

*Obviously we have nothing against France really and in rugby have even been known to support them – yet they can be very, well… French!




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30 06 2010
James Parrett

Who doesn’t like Pimms…?!?

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