World Cup Woes

28 06 2010

Well at least we won in the cricket!

Sadly there is not much else that can be said from yesterday’s day of sport. The debacle that was England’s 4-1 loss to Germany last night in South Africa made sure of that! Whilst from a neutrals point of view (and a Germans!) it was probably quite a good game to watch, for an Englishman however, marking as it did the end of our involvement in this years world cup, it was pretty painful.

The extraordinary ease with which the English defence was regularly cut open astonished us and, much as we are not a fan of his here at the Compulsive Hooker, Rio Ferdinand was undoubtedly missed. The person we felt most sorry for was David James on the night as time and time again he was left exposed by poor play from his back line and with finishers as good as Klose around, these chances are never going to be wasted.

To tell the truth though England simply weren’t good enough and once again have proved to be a second division nation of footballers on the world stage. It is mystifying why this should be the case as, in Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney and Terry, there is a backbone of quality players as good as any around, yet in an England shirt they fail to gel. Rooney’s performance once again typified his struggles and demonstrated a touch which would not have looked out of place in a Sunday village side. Whatever the reason behind it; we have rarely, if ever, seen a player look so woefully out of form.

It is also true that the game may have gone differently had Lampard’s ‘goal’ been awarded as it should have been – two all would have made Germany play very differently than they did after remaining a goal up. Able to sit back and then hit England on the break, life was made very difficult for the English yet, as mentioned above, the Germans fully deserved their victory and if they play like this in the latter stages must stand a reasonable chance of going all the way.

This will no doubt be analysed to death over the next few weeks and into the new season so we are going to leave it there. Disappointing but ultimately unsurprising; the England players can now run back to their cushy club roles and pretend it never happened, deluding themselves that, ‘had that goal gone been awarded we could have won the whole thing’….


Oh and one final thing; when you are 3 goals down and only 20 minutes left it would be clear to most managers that you need some players on who might score a goal. So naturally Fabio Capello substituted Jermain Defoe for Emile Heskey. A proven goal scorer for someone who has 7 goals in 62 appearances.





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28 06 2010
Chris Ross

Great blog you got going here and a very well written article! I think it was brutal to see the Germany-England game go the way it did. Also, you think you check out my post cuz I really wanna hear your opinion on my thoughts.

28 06 2010

Germany looked to be the better side, just as Ghana looked better against my compatriots. That said, at least Ghana’s goals were all legit, and the US did not have any good goals disallowed, like what happened against Slovenia and Algeria.

What amazes me is how how doggedly FIFA and UEFA stick to the idea of not having ANY type of video review on goal calls. I will agree that a 2-2 game would have changed things in a big way. It is amazing to me just how many bad referee and linseman calls have gone on during this World Cup. FIFA seems more interested in political correctness than getting the best officals out there. Where is Perluigi Collina when you need him.

30 06 2010

Hi Steve, only just seen your comment as it was pushed into my spam queue for some reason! Agreed on all you said to be honest. Pierluigi Collina – now that’s a man with presence! As you say, the more like him the better! Thanks for reading

28 06 2010
Chris Allen

Dear C.H.

I agree wholeheartedly, GBP12 m to sack Fabio, the highest paid International Manager in the World! Remember 3 weeks ago we panicked that he might move on after the W.C. and relieved when he signed. Why are they not on performance related salaries? I honestly think that the truth will emerge on a blog that he couldnt manager our team, the players cant say anything now, but clearly something was wrong. Even when they lined up for the National Anthem Rooney didnt sing! That annoys me! Crouch scores goals! He should have come on at half time in place of Rooney. Sad we have to wait 2 years for European Championship now, So much expectation! all for nothing. Go Ghana!

29 06 2010

It does seem premature now doesn’t it! I just can’t really understand how they could have been so good in the qualifying only to be appalling in the main event. Give Crouch his head alongside Rooney and as you say – Come on Ghana!

28 06 2010

> Sadly there is not much else that can be said from yesterday’s day of sport.

Would it be too picky to mention the fact that McLaren got two Brits on the podium at F1’s European Grand Prix, leaving said two drivers eyeing the beginnings of a decent lead at the top of the championship? And the next race is at Silverstone.

But that would of course depend on your viewing F1 as a sport 😀

Personally speaking, the cricket was the only game in town yesterday – especially the realisation that England have beaten Australia in their last three outings, one in every form of the game.

I’m with the person that said on the BBC live text once the supense was finally over: “I’m off to do something less stressful – like juggling chainsaws.”

29 06 2010

Not picky at all – missed that one AstroGirl so an error on my part! It probably is a sport but not totally convinced… Thanks for commenting!

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