The Bangladesh Time Warp

28 06 2010

We are officially confused! We cannot decide whether we are experiencing what might be a weird time dislocation science fiction style, an incredible sense of deja vu or simply just a bewildering reality. Either way we are definitely a little disturbed.

Let us ask you something.

After the fifth one day international against Australia in this current series is finished; who do you think England’s next international opponents are?

You would be forgiven for saying Pakistan (which is indeed what we thought) as the first test match is on the 29th July. Yet, and entirely incredibly, it appears to be Bangladesh. Try understanding that piece of scheduling!!! To be honest we’re still not convinced that we haven’t slipped back in time by about two months.

It feels that for time immemorial England have been playing tests and one days against Bangladesh, never looking like losing, but never creating much in the way of excitement either. Clearly, though, we can’t do without them now as they are back for three more games of what is probably the most unnecessary tour every arranged.

They have two further games against Ireland after that; but surely, if they are coming over for some more cricket, it would benefit Ireland and Bangladesh more if they played all five games against each other?

Ridiculous quite honestly!!! Less is more is a rather overused cliche but in this instance it couldn’t be more apt.




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28 06 2010


29 06 2010

Thanks Ahmed!

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