Who is the 3rd best bowler of the last 3 and a half years?

18 06 2010

Ryan Sidebottom!

According to the stats anyway…

Courtesy of Cricinfo

Of course this shows exactly why stats are unreliable as a measure of cricketing achievements; yet it also illustrates perfectly the lack of quality bowling around at the moment.

Perhaps Morne Morkel, Ishant Sharma, Steven Finn and Mohamed Aamer, to name a few up and coming players, can rescue us from this trough of mediocrity.

Or perhaps not.




2 responses

18 06 2010
James Parrett

Again, Bradders, you have to relax a bit mate. You’re being overly harsh to a number of degrees. Sideshow 3 years ago was pretty much the saviour of English cricket. Don’t be so hasty to scrap him just because he’s had a few injuries. Dunc Fletcher basically said bowl 90mph or don’t play and the guy has destroyed his body to get up to that standard. I feel for the guy, he’s injured now – again. Get well soon.

You should be writing about Mo Asif – clearly an incredible talent, but because he’s a bit mental, has a questionable habit or two and Pakistani cricket is what it is, he’s only played 11 tests in 3 years!

If you are going to berate Sidebottom, i suggest you entitle a piece along the lines – “Ryan Sidebottom names his daughter Indiana – what the be-jesus!?!”

19 06 2010

haha, yes well maybe you’re right. It was supposed to be a comment on the quality of bowlers around the world more than Sidebottom. I have actually always quite liked him, but the problem is that bar the year 3 years ago when he achieved these stats and was brilliant, he has actually been pretty average since then. I know this is injury related and he was probably pushing himself too hard, but there we are!

I worry that come November and a non swinging kookaburra ball he would be pretty ineffective and having lost a pit of pace be cannon fodder for Australia.

Fair point on Asif though, he’s class but sadly injuries and drug issues have meant he has hardly played. Hopefully he can do justice to his talents over the next few years.

Had a few comments about Sidebottom from people though so maybe I am being harsh but to me he is a swing bowler who struggles to be penetrative when its flat or not swinging.

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