Ireland Run Australia Close

18 06 2010

So close but yet so far! Ireland fell agonisingly short in an eminently ‘gettable’ run chase last night in Dublin. Chasing only 232 for victory and after what was an excellent bowling display, Boyd Rankin and Kevin O’Brien especially, the Irish batting eventually folded after what was an excellent and bright start. At 80 for no wicket with only 10 overs gone, an upset was on the cards. Yet sadly, and perhaps inevitably, the lack of experience and ultimately the lack of quality told and Ireland were dismissed for 192.

Whilst many people will fasten on this and use this performance as a case to justify a possible promotion to test cricket playing status. Yet in our view this is probably a reason why they do not have the innate quality or depth necessary to make that next step. The fact that Irish cricket would undoubtedly improve is given that status is beyond doubt, and to that end you can understand the frustrations of the Irish Cricket Board who believe that there is a glass ceiling in place for the associate nations hindering their progress, yet it will only dilute test crickets innate quality with another side who play their cricket at a similar level to Bangladesh.

What this does suggest is that perhaps there is a strong argument for a second tier of cricket to be created inbetween test and ICC affiliate status. You could then have promotion and relegation every 2 years from this newly created division with permanent full test status available if the required quality is shown. These divisions could look something like this:

Full Test Status

Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa

Associate Test Status

West Indies, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Ireland, Afghanistan, Holland

Associate Status

Scotland, Bermuda etc.




2 responses

3 08 2010
Rob Quin

If Ireland do not get Test Status then nobody else will, England will do exactly what they have always done best rape and pillage only this time in the form of Cricket talent, the experience and class to beat Australia happens to be representing England in the form of Eoin Morgan and Ed Joyce, were either or both available to Ireland chances are Ireland would have won by 6/7 wkts, but your article doesn’t mention the whole story.
Help Ireland achieve Test Status and join the facebook group Test Cricket for Ireland.

4 08 2010

Thanks for commenting Rob (I think šŸ™‚ ) – I’ll have to turn the other cheek on the rape and pillage comment!

Yes Ireland ran Australia close and yes they have been consistently nearly there – yet the problem is that test cricket, being played over 5 days, will always show up a sides limitations to a higher degree than ODI’s and Ireland simply do not have the quality to threaten the top 8 sides regularly in this format. Joyce would strengthen your cause but he is still a journeyman player and not a top international, Morgan on the other hand obviously would be a massive boon and I can understand your frustrations with the situation as it stands.

Secondly the ICC have been burned by Bangladesh’s promotion and to be honest don’t want to see the same thing happening again. Ireland have to win consistently (not one offs) against the top nations before being promoted. Perhaps say 2 series in a year…

That is why I proposed the two tier championship. Test cricket is threatened around the world and it is necessary to keep the quality as high as possible if the crowds are going to come. If there was a promotion relegation spot in between the two test divisions then Ireland would get better cricket plus and opportunity to progress if they consistently win in the second tier.

Anyway, who’s to say that Morgan and Joyce wouldn’t have been out early in this game had they played (the Aussies have a habit of doing just enough to win) – plenty of brilliant Australian batsman were dismissed early after all!

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