Middlesex Magic & ‘Boom-Boom’ Domination

16 06 2010

Gilchrist and Morgan Magic

Now this is an innings we would have paid to watch!

Courtesy of Cricinfo

Adam Gilchrist and Eoin Morgan going hell for leather at the ball? That Australian limited overs specialist Shaun Tait bowling four overs for 52 runs? Brilliant.

Looking at this side Middlesex must be early favourites for this competition.  20/20 is a game all about batting and any team with Warner, Gilchrist, Shah and Morgan has a head start on most!


Afridi’s Brilliance

Moving to fifty over cricket we watched a quite brilliant innings by Shahid Afridi last night in the opening game of the Asia cup. For many years we have watched Afridi play, marveling at his ability to strike a cricket ball more cleanly and further than most people in the world, yet there has always been a ‘but’ in there. Clearly hugely talented, the frustration was that he is not making the most of this ability due to a lack of responsibility.

Over the past couple of years this concern had diminished somewhat as he had made only one fifty in this time and he was accepted for what he is rather than what he could be. During this period he had been in the side as much for his bowling as his batting, yet now, with this innings under his belt and the captaincy of Pakistan in all formats to give him that added responsibility, perhaps we will see a new and improved version. It could well be too much to ask as it is rare that a leopard changes it’s spots, but Pakistan need Afridi and a little more consistency would go a long way.

Whether this is simply one occasion that he came off or is actually a step down the road to more consistency for Afridi, we cannot wait to see him in action this Summer against Australia in the UK. He remains one of the games great characters and is exciting simply because of what ‘might’ happen when he plays and so, all this said, we don’t want him to change too much!




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