England vs Bangladesh Series Report Card

7 06 2010


Andrew Strauss: Reasonable with bat but on occasions iffy captaincy. Would like to see him attack more and try a few different things out as Vaughan used to. 7/10

Alistair Cook: Not a great series but has enough credit in the bank for it not to be an issue. Did have a couple of bad decisions though. 4/10

Jonathan Trott: Important innings both for the team and himself at Lords, like the rest, only one chance at Old Trafford and was undone by a good ball. Much as we don’t enjoy his presence in the team – he’s probably here to stay. 9/10

KP: Pretty infuriating stuff. Lords it over the bowlers before playing a ridiculous shot. Has so much talent but looks like he gets bored. 5/10

Eoin Morgan: Looked solid and as if he has the right temperament in both games, however didn’t push on after getting starts in both. England didn’t learn anything either way to be honest. 5/10

Ian Bell: Good hundred in the second test, always one place from being dropped but surely safe now. 8/10

Matt Prior: Valuable 90 odd in the second test but his keeping was untidy. Clearly aware that he is playing for his place. 6/10

Tim Bresnan: Poor bowling in good conditions at Lords and then injured for second game. Hopefully consigned to ODI cricket and drinks duties. 5/10

Graeme Swann: Good bowling in the second test, strangely nonthreatening in the first. Always enjoyable batting. 6/10

Ajmal Shahzad: Showed enough to suggest he offers more than Bresnan with the ball. Good debut. 7/10

Jimmy Anderson: Rusty in the first game, good in the second. England still need more from him though. 6/10

Steven Finn: Excellent bowling in both. Surely an England player for years to come although surely sterner tests await. 9/10


Tamim Iqbal: What more could he do? Excellent in both games and probably one of the most exciting players to watch in world cricket. 9/10

Imrul Kayes: A fighting and valiant effort although still only one fifty. Part of the reason Bangladesh achieved such good starts though. 7/10

Junaid Siddique: Two fifties and a clear weakness against the short ball. A fighting temperament though. 6/10

Jahurul Islam: Didn’t show much in either game although does seem to be one of the more level headed Bangladeshi’. 4/10

Mohamed Ashraful: Time for him to be discarded. Seems to be going backwards with every game. 2/10

Shakib Al Hasan: Reasonable bowling but batting lacked in this game. Still young as a captain but must learn to seize the moments when the opposing team are wobbling. Too many easy singles on offer for new batsman. 6/10

Mushfiqur Rahim: Tidy keeping, solid batting without any runs being scored. 6/10

Mahmudullah: Needs to bat higher up. Accurate but ultimately non threatening bowling. 5/10

Shadahat Hossain: Good effort at Lords and kept running in at Old Trafford. 6/10

Abdur Razzaq: Nothing of note in his one test. 4/10

Shafiul Islam: Excellent spell at the beginning of the second test. How his namesake Robiul was preferred to him in the first game we don’t know! 7/10

Robiul Islam: See above. 2/10

Rubel Hossain: Not much better than Robiul, although was a bit quicker. 3/10




4 responses

7 06 2010
James Parrett

Hi Brad,

I think you’ve been overly critical on a few of the Eng boys and massively generous with Banglies.

Think everyone needs to just let Straussy get on and captain, constant harping back to MV doesn’t get us anywhere.

Matt Prior kept like someone who has a finger problem. Thought he did pretty well considering how much the ball was looping yday. He is a test standard bat and keeper. No more need be said.

Bres played most of the Lords game with a stress fracture!? I agree he’s not perfect and i don’t really want to see him in the side in Oz, but the lad’s got heart.

KP is a bloody genius. His innings was the best of the game. Yes he wandered and gave his wicket away, but you can’t change him. Bashing him in the media isn’t going to make him play any better. Just get on board and treasure every moment he has a bat in his hand for England. I’ll stop gushing now.

Jimmy A’s slip catching should get a mention. Impressive.

Iqbal isn’t a bad player, but he’s essentially a very poor version of Sehwag. He’ll be found out on bouncier pitches. The rest of the Banglies are RUBBISH.

7 06 2010

Hi james, I think its all a matter of expectation. I expect so much more of England hence perhaps the tougher marks. With the Bangladeshis I don’t expect much so therefore a couple of 50’s has got a higher mark… Not very objective perhaps but thats the reason why.

I agree on KP though, he is a genius and thats why his dismissal irritated me. I love watching him bat but wanted 164, not 64. As for the innings of the game though, I would have to give that to Tamim Iqbal for his hundred. The thing with Iqbal is that he is only 21 so if he can improve his decision making a bit, i don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be as good as Sehwag in the long run. (One of the few occasions I agree with Nasser Hussain!)

Should have mentioned Anderson’s slip catching, must be up there as one of the best fielding fast bowlers around.

I do agree on Bresnan, and have been positive on him in the shorter forms, just think he is limited in this form of the game, although as you say stress fracture may have had something to do with it.

As for Straussy, I like him as a captain on the whole, just felt there were a couple of occasions where he could have done a little more. Probably over critical!

7 06 2010
James Parrett

Yeah i see all your points mate. I’m just generally apathetic about cricket with Bangladesh. They are an awful team. It is an embarrassment having them on the Test circuit.

8 06 2010

James, an embarrassment to whom? Bangladesh performed creditably, neither of England’s batting efforts overwhelmed them, and their batting held up well when conditions were good. Their two collapses in the second test aren’t even in the three quickest ten wicket collapses in the past two seasons in England. They are neither the first nor last to struggle in English conditions. Bangladesh performed a lot better than the West Indies did last year, yet received so much more condescension and abuse.

Remember too, a judgement must also be made on the opposition each player is facing. A 50 against the English attack is worth a lot more than the same against the Deshi pop-guns, as is a 5 wicket haul against English batsmen, with Bangladeshi fieldsmen for support. Credit where credit is due, I think.

I thought, overall, that Bangladesh did okay. They have a couple of stars, and a little bit of grit in the batting lineup. The bowling struggles badly, and the captaincy is shockingly negative, but that is to be expected when a team never plays against their inferiors. And they can’t match England, but you know, England is a pretty good team one who is making a ritual out of flogging weaker test teams at home in May.

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