Bangladesh Play For Defeat Whilst Trott Irritates

28 05 2010

You might be logging on to the Compulsive Hooker today expecting some detailed analysis of the the first day of the test match from Lords yesterday. If that is so, we are unfortunately going to disappoint you. Sadly the whole day had such an air of predictability about it that we are not sure whether we can get an entire article out of it; especially since we have come to this late and every other website will have covered it to death. Instead of the detail, here are some pithy observations which summed it up for us.

Bangladesh: Appalling in the field, pretty dire with the ball and led incredibly badly by Shakib Al Hasan. Looks like they are playing for the defeat (if such a thing is possible).

Trott: Unfortunately has now gained more time in this England XI. Was batting in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation’ and chose the better option.  Needs to score more quickly today though.

Morgan: Looked good, first 4 a reverse sweep. Sadly out in the morning session today for 44 though. Had been hoping he would score a 100 to keep the pressure on Trott.

Jamie Siddons: Looked consistently like he wanted to do physical damage to his Bangladeshi players whenever the camera panned to him. An impressive example of someone exercising self restraint.

Day 2: England to declare at 500 ish, Bangladesh to be 130-7 at the end of the day from around 25-30 overs.




4 responses

28 05 2010

England bowled pretty unimaginatively. Strauss needs to use more bowlers. Entice them with Pieterson, and also let Swann bowl a lot more. Looks like the match will go into the fifth day, at least.

29 05 2010

I hope so Sameer but agree. I think they should have opened with Finn as well.

28 05 2010
The Nurdler

Finished the day feeling sour and grumpy and ill-advised to stay on Twitter and risk snapping at people who did not deserve it. It really is remarkable what a poor day’s cricket can do for the spirits.

29 05 2010

I know – thank god the second day actually created some interest!

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