Further Revelations in World 20/20

15 05 2010

Hussey in full flow

Going in to last nights semi-final between Australia and Pakistan, we had decided to support Australia. Despite this going against everything our heart said, not to mention our years of built up dislike of anything Aussie and sporting, the prospect of an England vs Australia final was too good to not hope for.

Midway through the game, indeed after the first over of the Pakistan innings, right up until the final over of the Australian innings, it had looked like Pakistan were going through. With these change in fortunes, our heart had won the battle and we had ended up supporting Pakistan, which made Michael Hussey’s final over blast all the more galling.

There is something innate withing their make up that means that the Aussies are not beaten until the final ball is bowled and a win is simply not possible. Pakistan on the other hand always have one finger on the self destruct button meaning that should they be nearing an important win, someone slips and the button is pressed. When playing Australia it appears they have more than the usual one finger on this button, because everyone in the team has their own personal one.

If there have been a few minor revelations in this tournament (Craig Kieswetter, Hamid Hassan, George Dockrell to name a few), surely the biggest is Michael Hussey’s transformation from nurdler and nudger into fully fledged and dangerous hitter. Yes Saeed Ajmal helped him in the final over by bowling a couple of dreadful short balls, but he still had to hit them and it has added a whole new dimension to Hussey’s play. Previously about as exciting as a wet saturday in June when he bats, he has transformed into an exciting and important player.

What this win has meant is that the two best sides in the competition have come through to the final which seems right and it should be a very close affair. There is always a chance that someone in the England set up will find their own personal self destruct button, but with the way KP and others are batting we think this time England can do it.

We never expected to writing that prior to this tournament!




3 responses

15 05 2010

I don’t really understand why everybody is going around treating Hussey as though he was a Darren Ganga clone before this. He has a great record in ODI’s of coming in late, or even after about 38 overs or so and going the tonk.

This was an incredibly heightened version but this is the THIRD time in the tournament that he and AN Other have performed rescue jobs.

He scored a 100 at 50 in the first IPL. He can hit, it’s just that he plays situation cricket so doesn’t always tonk.

15 05 2010

I meant 100 off 50 balls, it would be Clarke who would score a 100 at 50.

15 05 2010

Hi Lou, yes well I know what you mean and perhaps I did over egg the pudding somewhat, its just whilst he has been an excellent finisher for a while, he has not been known as a big hitter. Lots of fours yes, and with 61 6’s in 140 ODI games the odd 6 too, but 6 6’s in one innings is a little unusual. I didn’t mean this single innings but the tournament as a whole he has been a revelation – although clearly I have missed the boat on his IPL innings. That would be my previous lack of interest in that tournament showing!

You raise a good point about Clarke. I’m not sure he would be in the team if he wasn’t skipper?

Cheers for commenting.

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