An Orange Returns to Rugby

21 04 2010

Pictured: Gavin Henson

News came out yesterday that Gavin Henson has decided to deign the rugby playing public with his presence again, beginning from next season. As passionate England supporters, the Compulsive Hooker, has mixed feelings about the return of the most orange man in world rugby, yet on balance we think we are pleased.

In our eyes Gavin Henson has long been the most overrated player in the northern hemisphere, if not the world. Now we know there are plenty of much worthier judges who might disagree with us here, (Jeremy Guscott for one), yet to us Henson’s reputation seems to stem more from one near annihilation of an 18 year old Matthew Tait, than anything else. People talk of his ability to open games up and pass beautifully of either hand, yet so rarely has it been seen that it appears to be only that, talk. If we were asked to select a word that described him, we would probably choose ‘solid’, or ‘middling’ or perhaps simply ‘orange’. Not ‘genius’, which is what most Welsh people seem to call him.

Speaking from as neutral a position as we can, being from the land of St.George – that slayer of (Welsh?) dragons, we were highly impressed with James Hook’s contribution in the 13 shirt for Wales in this years 6 Nations. Any returning Henson would, in all likelihood, jeopardise his burgeoning partnership with Roberts in the midfield. This would be a shame as they were beginning to look an exciting and effective pairing.

On the other hand, speaking from an entirely English point of view, we would love him to return. Whereas growing up we always had reason to dislike the Welsh rugby team*, recently, however, there has been no one who could be a focus for these feelings and consequently we have been feeling quite mellow towards them. With Henson back, suddenly there is a reason to be irritated once more, someone to carry on the proud tradition of Scott Quinnell, Neil Jenkins, Colin Charvis and Scott Gibbs. Gibbs, it must be said, only squeezes onto this list due to his last gasp, grand slam denying, try in the 1999 Five Nations – we actually liked him otherwise. Don’t get us started on Charvis though…..

*Any outraged Welsh supporters reading this should know we of course don’t hate you – we just enjoy the rivalry and we know you feel the same way in return!!




2 responses

21 04 2010
Ben Palmer

Very good – I concur!

21 04 2010

Haha. Thought you would!

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