Twists and Turns in the Premiership

19 04 2010

Here at the Compulsive Hooker, we rarely get the inclination to write about football. Not, you understand, because we aren’t fans of the beautiful game, but simply because when we are casting about for subject matter, usually cricket and rugby ideas come quicker. This weekend, however, was always likely to be a momentous one in the English footballing world with four of the top 5 teams playing each other.

If you do not know what happened the short and the long of it is that Man United won, Chelsea lost and Arsenal lost. What this means is that the title race, which for the past couple of weeks has been firmly in Chelsea’s control is now, if not wide open, hardly a racing certainty. Had Arsenal won too, then it would have been a very interesting final 3 games. Indeed, whilst they are not mathematically ruled out as title contenders, Arsene Wenger must be kicking himself and his team for throwing away a golden opportunity to come back into contention.

This has been one of the most tightly contested title races that the Compulsive Hooker can remember, and has contained more twists and turns than an average Dan Brown novel. There usually comes a point, usually with a good few matches yet to go in the season, where it becomes increasingly obvious that only one of two sides would win. This year it has gone, and continue to goes, right down to the wire which in our eyes is brilliant for the game.

What has been interesting this season, is that any time one of the big 3 has slipped up, invariably the other two have as well over the same weekend or round of matches. To use Arsenal as an example, generally trailing the other two, several times they have had the opportunity to go top or level on points, yet each time they have fluffed their chance. It is as if each team relaxes on hearing the news of the other’s mishaps and then promptly loses themselves.

Maybe this is something that regularly happens, and perhaps any readers could tell us, yet we haven’t noticed this phenomenon before. With the plethora of twists and turns this campaign has taken for all three teams we feel loath to write any of them off particularly. Arsenal though require the top two to lose or draw their remaining games, which is obviously a huge long shot, and so we are going to plump for Chelsea to choke and Manchester United to come through and snatch it on the final day.

Whatever happens, it should make interesting viewing!




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