A Disorganised Piece Summing Up England vs Bangladesh.

24 03 2010

As expected, England have completed their series in Bangladesh unbeaten having wrapped up the second test match today. A few thoughts on what we have learnt from the series; in no logical order:

  • Alistair Cook is not a natural captain. He appeared to be changing the field simply because he felt he should, rather than having any sort of master plan. This isn’t to say he wouldn’t grow into the job – just that he needs more experience. Nasser Hussain after all had numerous skeptics as to his capabilities early in his tenure, and look where he ended up.
  • Shakib Al Hasan is an even worse captain and is probably hindering Bangladesh at the moment. Anyone who bowls Abdur Razzaq for 3o plus overs per innings clearly is struggling.
  • Shakib on the other hand is a very decent player in the making, if not captain. Very young still and already scoring runs and taking wickets regularly.
  • Abdur Razzaq has taken over from Paul Harris as the most derided left arm spinner in world cricket.
  • Michael Carberry probably isn’t a test match opener. Harsh perhaps after one test, but it wasn’t exactly taxing stuff.
  • Jonathan Trott shouldn’t play for England again. This is likely to be considered a controversial attitude for the Compulsive Hooker to take, yet we feel his temperament is suspect and it looks a struggle every time he bats. And he’s South African and probably shouldn’t be playing to start with.
  • Ian Bell is England’s new batting hero and go to man. Unlikely we know, but long may it continue. We have Bell down for an Ashes hundred on the opening day of the series later this year. Big call but we think he’s turned the corner. (Come on Ian, don’t make us look silly….)
  • Prior can still bat but needs to score more big runs to keep Kieswetter (that other South African) at bay.
  • Finn looks good but we think he might have a little of Chris Tremlett in him. Not nasty enough in other words despite possessing the raw attributes.
  • Tamim Iqbal has the potential to be brilliant and needs to carry the Bangladeshi batting for 10 years to come.
  • Mahmudullah should stick to his batting. His bowling looks very innocuous, batting on the other hand is decent.
  • Bangladesh’s coach, Jamie Siddons, is likely to retire from the game within the near future due to stress and severe anger issues. We genuinely fear for the Bangladeshi players each time (and it happens every other time) they get out to a rash shot.
  • The referral system will become universal. Some of the umpiring in the series was downright appalling – including the 3rd umpire.
  • Kayes should find another job. 10 tests as an opener, average of 13.70.
  • Why do all poor sides seem to send their best batsman in as far down as 9? Naeem Islam and Shafiul Islam look better players than Kayes and possibly Siddique.
  • Please can someone in the Bangladesh hierarchy explain to the groundsman in their test stadiums that a flat and lifeless pitch helps nobody, least of all themselves! If they continue playing on pitches like this they will find themselves in all sorts of trouble as soon as they encounter even a slightly lively wicket.
  • KP can bat again. Good.
  • Bresnan can too. Pity his bowling is, at best, still ‘workmanlike’.

Bangladesh Verdict: Bright spots suggesting a better future. Need to buckle down a little more though with the bat and start producing some bowlers who can back up Shakib. 20 wickets wins a match and Bangladesh will struggle on this front for many years at their current rate of progress. 5/10.

England Verdict: Solid and pretty unspectacular. Swann continues to work his magic, Cook is a machine once more bat in hand (unfortunately this isn’t a good thing in captaincy though) and generally all in good order. 7/10.




4 responses

25 03 2010

Mate, just read your last few blogs. Sorry can’t comment on them directly as my computers shit, but..
Cook is not a captain, We’ve known that for ages.
Carberry an opener.. no where near.
Trott I agree not worth his place (and South African)
Bell, 10th test hundred, but 1st without a mate getting one first in the innings. Consider the fact that Baell scores all his runs at 6, (I wish the media would) that means he has five BETTER batsman (not including Trott, Bopara) going in ahead of him, so difficult. He got this one at 5 I know!
Prior, keeping has improved immensley and would bat in the top 6 for anyone bar Australia.
Kieswetter, A shoe in for England one day wise & 20/20 & for the Ashes & English summer as a reserve batsman (South African, but plays for Somerset, so all good on my view)
But the one:
Pietersen, (in the words of the Compulsive Hooker) Scoring Runs Again. Good. Isn’t he South African as well?

25 03 2010

I do think with Bell that he might finally deliver on his talent, he frustrates me because he always makes it look easy, whether he gets 24 or 124.
Prior agreed, although think he must go big more.
My thoughts on South Africans playing for England is a bit muddled i must admit, I suppose what it is is that I can handle one qualifier (ie KP) but its getting silly with Trott and Kieswetter as well. Strauss and Prior etc are a bit of a different kettle of fish as they sound English etc due to their upbringing, although you can’t argue really with CK’s English passport and mum. I dont know really!!! Not to say i don’t rate CK, he’s brilliant just can’t quite get my head round it! Thanks for reading.

30 03 2010

As a Kenty man, what did you make of Tredwell, Bradders?
Decent debut and looks a decent enough back up for Swanny?
Did alright with the bat, too.

30 03 2010

Actually Tredwell and I are the same age group and growing up I played against him several times so I was keeping an eye on him. He is probably no more than a back up spinner, and if Panesar refinds his form then he will struggle to get back in the side. But yes, a very useful player to have but I don’t think he would give India or Australia too many problems to be honest. Can bat too though so maybe worth his place in the one day set up.

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