Ian Bell Rids Himself of a Monkey

23 03 2010

Ian Bell, no monkey visible now.

So Ian Bell has finally done it. ‘It’, of course, being finally having scored a hundred in a test innings during which no other English batsman has scored a century. Unfortunately for Bell, being in a match against Bangladesh, it does mean that there will be many fans out there who won’t be satisfied and will delight in offering stats minus his efforts in this series.

Bell will probably have to deal with this until the time he grinds out a hundred against Australia in a low scoring innings, but for the Compulsive Hooker, there has been serious improvement in his game. Bell was as key as anyone in securing the drawn series against South Africa recently, displaying hitherto unexpectedly deep reserves of grit and desire to see the job through. We hope that this continues and he can finally claim his rightful place at, if not quite the top table, certainly the next one down.

This was Bell’s 10th test match century and one of his more important ones in the context of the game. For anyone surprised by this statement bearing in mind it is ‘only’ Bangladesh, have a look at where England might be without his contribution. The likelihood is that Bangladesh would have secured a small lead and would be well on their way to setting England a tricky 250 on a wearing last day pitch.

Still, we had a chuckle as Bresnan neared his own hundred, wondering whether Bell was truly hoping he would do it! Sadly for Bresnan, and fortunately for Bell, he was dismissed for a valiant 91 and that monkey that was so well entrenched on Bell’s back, has all but slithered off!




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