Rob Andrew’s Madness

19 03 2010

“England are on the way back, no question about that”.

This piece of wisdom comes from the RFU’s Director of Elite Rugby, Rob Andrew. For those of you who don’t know, Rob Andrew is the man to whom Martin Johnson reports, and consequently the only man who can save English rugby from this mess.

At the time of Andrew’s appointment there were many people who questioned the decision, as Clive Woodward, the only other candidate for the job was felt to have the better qualifications. With the obvious benefits of hindsight taken into account, these people are surely now justified in telling everyone ‘I told you so’.

Any England fan will be only too accustomed to the ridiculous PR and positive gloss put on each and every woeful performance of recent times. Brutal honesty is rare, with only Lewis Moody and Mark Cueto of recent times admitting the truth. To a degree this attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the English rugby nation is fair enough, it is only natural to attempt to sell your own worth after all. Yet when the big boss is trying it too, it becomes obvious that English rugby is not in the right hands.

The Compulsive Hooker had been clinging onto the (already unlikely) hope that Rob Andrew would possess the strength of mind and character to admit his error in appointing Martin Johnson. Appointed as the legendary figure within the game who could inspire his average charges to great things, Johnson has proved that he is unable to do so. Andrew’s claim that progress is being made suggests that even if England lose to France heavily on Saturday, his job is safe for the foreseeable future.

Woodward has been criticised over the years for being autocratic, impulsive and someone who over complicates matters. Yet this type of attitude is perhaps what England need right now, someone unafraid to make the necessary decision and with the confidence to remove even a legend like Johnson.

For the second week in the row, the Compulsive Hooker finds ourselves in the terrible position of wanting England to lose so that change occurs, Rob Andrew permitting or not.




2 responses

19 03 2010

Sad to say, even if or when England lose against France to cap a woeful 2 years of 6 nations results, I cannot see that anything will change in the near future. If this were the dread game of Assoc. Football – the whole lot at the top would have gone last season. But this is old school so we will stick a plaster over the cracks and plough onward- anyone remember the grand old Duke of York?

22 03 2010

Thanks for commenting Geoff. I feel that with Saturday’s result being considered a good one, that we will have to continue to suffer. It is so frustrating!

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